Porsha Williams And Claudia Jordan Feud: ‘RHOA’ Star Should Be ‘Ashamed’

Porsha Williams and Claudia Jordan’s relationship has gotten consistently worse on seventh season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — especially after Jordan began making claims regarding Williams’ alleged relationship with an “African dictator.”

In an interview with Radar Online on January 28, Williams revealed the following:

“I felt like she should have been ashamed of herself. Claudia and I have never discussed any boyfriend or anyone who I’ve been with. She does know who I’ve dated, never has. She’s definitely trying to assassinate my character. I just don’t understand where the obsession comes from, at all.”

“There is no African dictator. No, I do not have an African prince. He’s nowhere to be found.”

Although Porsha Williams and Claudia Jordan were at odds during filming because of Jordan’s claims, things have improved for Williams since, and she’s now seeing a new guy.

“My girlfriend recently linked me with someone that I’m actually really excited about. It’s brand new. We just met, but he’s very successful and he’s single and I hope he’s ready to settle down one day because that is what I am looking for — it’s kind of a whirlwind romance right now!”

When asked what she looks for in a man, Williams told Radar, “Number one, I’m looking for a man who is definitely God-fearing for sure. I do want him to have some level of success so that he won’t be intimidated by all the things that I’m doing. I want him to want to be a power couple. I want him to want to do things with me and try to be that example, the second go around for me. And I just want love.”

Porsha Williams and Claudia Jordan eventually made amends during the seventh season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but off-screen, things between them remain strained.

“It’s difficult because as we went through the season, I did find a place where I could forgive her because she does end up apologizing, but when I saw that she had actually planned to plant these seeds of me being with a married man, and start that lie to assassinate my character, even from sitting down with Kandi for the first time, that’s when I realized that she came in trying to destroy me.”

Although Williams only appeared as a “friend of the Wives,” Williams was seen quite a lot, and didn’t appear to lose any sleep over the role change.

Last month, as the Inquisitr reported, Williams revealed the reason she was demoted.

“What happened, I think … I was dating someone at the time, and of course, as part of the show when we sign up, it’s about showing who you date,” Williams told Andy Cohen during an episode of Watch What Happens Live, according to a report by Reality Tea.

“He was playing football, and his coach told him that he didn’t want him to film until later in the season. So unfortunately, I had filmed and shown some of my personal life, had told the producers that I would show him, but I couldn’t show him until the very, very end and by then it was a little too late.”

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