Police Seeking Gates After Second Shooting At One Of His Concerts

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has gone M.I.A. after a shooting at his concert on Sunday. Kentucky police are currently seeking Gates for questioning.

At Gates concert in Lexington, part of his “I Don’t Get Tired” tour, shots rang out during the actual show. According to TMZ, one person “suffered non-life threatening wound” from the shots. There were a few other people who were hurt when some of the audience stampeded after hearing the shots.

So what exactly does Gates have to do with this and why are police seeking him?

While Gates, whose real name is Kevin Gilyard, clearly didn’t have anything to do with the actual shooting seeing as how he was on stage performing and even continued performing after the shooting, the police are seeking Gates as a “key witness.”

The police believe that Gates’ position on stage “gave him a unique vantage point.” The police are hoping that Gates can provide answers to some of their questions about who exactly did this.

According to BET, this isn’t the first shooting at a Gates’ concert. A week before this shooting, there was another at Gates’ Memphis concert.

When news came out that police were seeking Gates, Billboard contacted him. What was his response? No response.

Billboard stated that, “A representative for Gates did not respond to Billboard’s request to comment.” So why exactly is Gates, who tweeted yesterday that he was on his way to California, not responding?

Gates has had some trouble with the police in the past, which could be the reason why he’s not willing to come forward and aid them. The Baton Rouge rapper revealed in an interview with Hot New Hip Hop that in regards to spending time in jail, he’s “been in and out since a child.”

The outspoken Gates goes on to say that jail time is “the culture of Louisiana.”

Gates, who actually earned his Masters in Psychology while in prison, adds, “They have more people locked up in the state of Louisiana than any other country in the world. It’s very poverty-stricken. So being in and out jail is a way of life for most poverty-stricken individuals. I don’t wanna say young black males, so I’ll just say young males. But the majority is like 99 percent black, over-crowded prison systems.”

So could it be that even though police are seeking him just as a witness, Gates isn’t willing to put another male in the already crowded prison system?

[Photo Courtesy of Vibe]