Kenya Moore And Claudia Jordan Call ‘RHOA’ Fans Crazy: ’36-Hour Hold Crazy’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is no stranger to the spotlight, as she has been on the show for a couple of seasons. Maybe Kenya has some thick skin, because Claudia Jordan is not as accepting of people’s comments on Twitter. Of course, this social platform allows anyone with an account to write whatever they want directly to these women. And while Kenya seems to take it all in, Claudia isn’t so sure.

This morning, Kenya Moore was served with papers from NeNe Leakes. And Moore’s fans were quick to reach out to her with supportive comments. It is unknown what exactly Kenya has said to grant this cease and desist letter, but it sounds like Moore isn’t too concerned about it. In fact, it appears that her friend Claudia Jordan is more concerned about the comments she is receiving on social media.

According to a new set of tweets,The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is now revealing that some of the comments she receives on social media are downright crazy. And it all started this morning, when Moore got some support over the legal issues with NeNe.

“You need to send the plastic surgeon that gave Nene that cucumber shaped nose a Cease and Desist Letter!!” one person wrote to Kenya Moore, which had her replying, “see y’all make me laugh! I love my fans.”

But while Kenya truly enjoyed the support she was getting from her fans, it sounds like Claudia Jordan was not too pleased with her followers. Of course, Claudia has been receiving rude comments over standing up for herself in regards to NeNe Leakes. But many people see her as trying to take over for NeNe.

“Girl why you didn’t tell me how cray cray these people were before I got on? #CoooooooCooooooo,” Claudia tweeted to Kenya, which had Moore replying, “36hour hold crazy.”

It is possible that this is too much for Claudia to take. While Kenya Moore has no problem dishing out her thoughts about the other housewives, this new housewife may be more interested in leaving the show behind. According to the Inquisitr, she recently hinted on Twitter that it had been fun filming the show and that this could possibly be her last season of the show.

As for Moore, she will continue to film the show. Kenya has some thick skin and she has no problem dealing with this cease and desist letter from Leakes.

What do you think about Kenya Moore and Claudia calling their fans crazy?

[Image via Bravo]