Pennsylvania ‘Bonnie And Clyde Of Delaware County’ Burglars Caught In Upper Darby, But You Will Never Guess How

Bonnie and Clyde, the famous crime-couple of yesteryear, have their names applied to every criminal couple that has followed. Bonnie and Clyde might specifically take issue with their names being bestowed upon Steven Dolceamore and his getaway-driver girlfriend, Kelly Wilkinson, in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania pair, according to ABC 6, have been burglarizing cars and homes with “reckless abandon” for up to a week.

Unfortunately for these burglars, prints were left behind that led the police straight to the would-be Bonnie and Clyde. However, it might not be the kind you would think.

The snow storm that rolled into the northeast United States hit Pennsylvania in the midst of Dolceamore and Wilkinson’s burglary spree. An undercover operation was set up by police early Saturday morning. They put the undercover officers in the same neighborhood the Pennsylvania burglars had hit several times prior. The sleeping residents of the 3400 block of Huey Ave in Drexel Hill had been burglarized several times.

In the end, it was the snow that gave police a big break, and led them right to the burglars. According to Fox 29 Philly, it was their footprints in the snow that morning, that led Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood right to them.

“They get out of their car and they notice fresh footprints in the snow so they follow they footprints.”

It was at this time that officer Chitwood followed the footprints he found in the snow. Stephen Dolceamore, or the “Clyde” of the Pennsylvania burglar couple, was right at the end of the trail of breadcrumbs. He ran when he saw the police, and dropped a bag full of money, stolen cell phones, and jewelry.

Once the burglars were in custody, police followed Dolceamore’s footprints right up to the eight-to-ten houses that were among those burglarized.

This also led them to their other suspect. While following the snowy breadcrumbs, officers found a running car and with his getaway-driver girlfriend, Kelly Wilkinson, or “Bonnie” waiting in the car. Police superintendent Chitwood exclaimed that the snowy surprise was better than DNA.

“In this case the snow was better than DNA. The snow was better than fingerprints. We got his sneakers he was wearing — match them up with the snow that particular day, again Saturday morning.”

Upper Darby police say “Bonnie and Clyde” did not act alone, and are now searching for their accomplices. The icing on the cake is where the police say they found the majority of the loot. Kelly Wilkinson, the getaway driver, had stashed the loot at her parent’s house in the basement.

Most people would find that snow is a bad thing, but for the residents of Upper Darby, it was their saving grace. According to the Inquisitr, a similar incident happened in Texas where snowy footprints helped catch a murderous burglar.

[Image Courtesy Of Kenneth Allen/Creative Commons]