Mind-blowing Video Shows How Life On Earth Would Resemble A Star Wars Film If Our Moon Was Replaced By Planets

A mind-blowing video shows just how much like a Star Wars film earth would appear if you took our current moon and replaced it with the planets from our solar system.

Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus take leading roles in the haunting and enchanting footage which transforms everyday locations into something which could easily be the backdrop for a scene in Star Wars.

Jupiter and Saturn are particularly breathtaking, and the lovingly crafted footage reminds the viewers of just how immense and infinitely beautiful our solar system really is.

The Mirror reports that the film begins by showing the smaller planets such as Mercury and Mars orbiting in our sky. They appear slightly bigger and more rounded then the moon, but their appearance alone is not enough for the viewer to exclaim in much awe and wonder, “Am I watching a new Star Wars film!”

It’s only when the heavyweight planets such as Jupiter and Saturn get in on the picture and start throwing their weight around that it becomes evident how easily the look and feel of our earth could be transformed into a Star Wars like planet if an unseen hand decided to reshuffle our solar system.

As John Keats once wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The words of Keats come to life as we watch earth’s brother and sister planets do a cosmic dance in the skies above the rock we call home. A shining oasis in a vast universe, our planet is definitely a thing of infinite beauty.

The film was created by Russian TV studio TV Roskosmos, which makes films and documentaries that address current and historical events in the space industry.

Since it was added to YouTube on January 22, the cosmic footage has been universally adored by over 265,000 viewers.

It’s not quite the same amount of viewers that the new Star Wars movie can expect, but for a film just under three minutes long with no dialogue and not a Jedi in sight, it definitely has some force, be it gravitational or something more mysterious, which is pulling the viewers in.