Veronica Bobadilla: Chilling Text About Missing Teen, ‘I’ve Killed Veronica’ — But There’s A Twist

Veronica Bobadilla, a 16-year-old Laurens, South Carolina, girl vanished from her home Monday afternoon, and when her parents tried to track her down by calling and sending text messages to her mobile phone, what they got back horrified them.

Sent from the missing girl’s own cell phone number came a chilling text message.

“I’ve killed Veronica. Stop texting her.”

Separately, a friend of Veronica Bobadilla reported receiving a Facebook message originating from the missing teen’s account on the social media site. That message was a blood-curdling one as well.

“I killed Veronica ya’ll want find her,” the message read. The word “want” presumably was a misspelling of “won’t,” as in, “y’all won’t find her.”

But in a twist that is equally encouraging and disturbing, despite the macabre text and social media messages, the family of missing Veronica Bobadilla did find her — or at least, they finally reached her by phone, speaking to the teenager twice on Tuesday afternoon.

In fact, Veronica said that she was now on her way home.

But even though Veronica had not been killed, as the messages indicated, her situation sounded frightening to her family members. Veronica’s mother, Brandie McCuen, related a chilling account of a phone call with Veronica to a local TV station.

“She was talking very, very low like she was scared and my brother called and said that he heard a man on the phone screaming at her, ‘Get up, cook my food, wash my clothes and clean my house now.'”

So where was Veronica? Her family and authorities are not sure, but the grim Facebook message sent from her account was tagged with the location Lilburn, Georgia.

Lilburn is a suburb of Atlanta and is located about 160 miles from Bobadilla’s home on Conway Avenue in Laurens, South Carolina.

Veronica Bobadilla has reportedly run away from home on at least one previous occasion, but as of early Wednesday she had not returned and whether she voluntarily ran away or was somehow abducted remained unclear. Police still listed her as a missing person, despite the telephone contact with family members.

Investigators were also uncertain who actually sent the macabre text and Facebook messages from Veronica’s phone and Facebook account.

Her parents believed that she may have been traveling to Houston, Texas to meet a boy she met through social media correspondence. In August she had posted a Facebook message reading, “Where could i go?? dammmm ain’t got nowhere to go.” Whether that male in Houston was the mysterious male voice heard in the background of her phone conversation had not been determined.

Nor was the exact location from which Veronica Bobadilla placed that call.

[Image: Laurens County Sheriff’s Department]