Chris Christie Changes Plans After Tragedy

Plans have changed for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after the head of the New Jersey Assembly’s Republican leadership dropped dead after a marathon session the night before. Tonight Christie was supposed to be delivering the State of the State address to detail his achievements in New Jersey over the last two years and outline his vision for the future.

Instead, he is delivering a eulogy on the floor of the State Assembly for his longtime friend, Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce, a mentor and friend, who died on the last day of the 214th session of the New Jersey Assembly.

A somber Christie told the Legislature,

“For today, it’s enough to say that the state of our state is getting better. Today our hearts are full of sadness.”

Christie credited DeCroce for getting him started in electoral politics.

“He helped me get my start in elected office as a freeholder in Morris County back in 1994, and ever since he was a valued adviser, an unshakable ally, and a source of all that is good in politics and public service”

DeCroce died of was has appeared to be heart related medical issues. He was in the restroom after the last night of a very stormy session of the New Jersey Legislature. An Aide entering the bathroom found him on the floor not breathing and unresponsive.

He was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

Chris Christie is a rising star in the National Republican Party. He was encouraged by many in the party to run for President and challenge Barack Obama in 2012. He declined so he could finish what he started in New Jersey. He has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Do you think that Chris Christie is the man to beat in the next election?