'Nashville' Season 3 Spoilers: Get Ready For An Epic Showdown

Fans of Nashville have one more week before the series returns to ABC, but there are new Nashville spoilers out that should help with the wait.

At the end of the Nashville midseason finale, Rayna told Luke that she could not marry him. This will cause a huge explosion. Luke will not be happy at all about Rayna's announcement. Nashville Season 3 Episode 11, titled "I'm Not That Good at Goodbye," will pick up moments after Rayna tells Luke.

She leaves him to go find her family. Her daughters will not handle the news of the canceled wedding well, but Maddie might see the silver lining after she gives it some thought. She has been semi-dating Luke's son, but Rayna and Luke told them to stop. Rayna's decision will cancel that out.

Luke will be the most upset at Rayna's decision, and he will get violent, according to spoilers shared by International Business Times.

Another report by E! Online revealed just how violent Luke will get after Rayna's announcement.

"Hot on the heels of Rayna calling off her wedding to Luke, Luke throws a temper tantrum of epic proportions—and his temper tantrum takes him straight to Deacon's house, thinking Rayna ran into his arms immediately. Of course, she's not there since she's doing the responsible thing by breaking the news to her family, but viewers will finally get the Deacon vs. Luke showdown we've been waiting for, and the outcome. Is. Perfect."
A preview for the upcoming Nashville Season 3 episode does show just a moment of the fight, but Rayna showing up on Deacon's doorstep follows that moment.

Fans have been waiting for a reunion for Rayna and Deacon, but she tried to do what she thought was the right thing by staying with Luke.

Will Rayna finally follow her heart and go back with Deacon? Fans should expect something to happen between the two. However, the possibility of Deacon having liver cancer could cause a huge problem for the pair if they do reunite.

As for the rest of the cast of characters, Juliette and Avery will celebrate their wedding, but things will not run entirely smooth for the newlyweds. Gunnar will move forward with his custody battle, but the fact he is Micah's uncle will change things. As for Sadie, she will try to fight back against her ex. She will buy a gun for safety. Her ex punched her at the end of the midseason finale.

What do you think? Are you ready to see the showdown between Luke and Deacon on Nashville?