'Minecraft' Invades Conan O'Brien, Talk Show Host Wants To Film An Entire Episode In 'Minecraft' Style

Minecraft's popularity seems to be in no danger of slowing down any time soon, as Mojang's popular block-filed creation game continues to expand into an ever growing phenomenon. Minecraft crossovers, both within and outside of the gaming series, are becoming seen with at an increasing rate. Most recently, a Minecraft segment was seen on an episode of TBS' Conan and the Team Coco website now has the full transcript of the Minecraft mash-up.

The joke began with Conan expressing his desire to show an entire episode of his talk show in the voxel graphical style that has been made popular with Minecraft. The idea was to recreate the entire set using the various blocky materials found within Minecraft.

"And we had an idea which is to take an entire episode of this show and re-air it entirely in the Minecraft style. From beginning to the end, all Minecraft stuff."
O'Brien then revealed that he actually asked permission to go ahead and make a full Minecraft episode of Conan, as he envisioned. Much to his surprise, he was originally given a greenlight to begin work on the episode. Unfortunately, he revealed that the Minecraft team later revoked the decision to give him permission to film an entire show inside of Minecraft.
"When we asked the Minecraft people, they initially said yes. Then they suddenly changed their mind and said 'we don't want you to do it.'"
Minecraft Conan
Conan O'Brien invades Minecraft

It quickly became apparent that Conan's story was merely a set up as the segment then transitioned to show O'Brien as he would appear inside the blocky world of Minecraft. The set, which was also recreated in Minecraft style, then began to transform into various locations and creations from the game.

The last time that Minecraft had a cameo appearance inside of a television show, a DLC crossover with the show was later announced. This happened after an episode of The Simpsons featured a couch gag in the style of Minecraft. Now, a Simpsons skin pack is expected to release soon on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, as recently reported by the Inquisitr.

People should probably get used to seeing Minecraft expand to other forms of media, as the growing popularity of the block-building series isn't showing any signs of slowing down. As the sandbox title turns into a household name, Minecraft references will become more and more common place.

The gaming series also continues to see strong sales. According to PC Gamer, Microsoft's recent acquisition of Minecraft has already caused a drastic increase in first-party game revenue for the Xbox company.

Would you be interested in seeing the recent Conan O'Brien segment become a full mash-up pack DLC for Minecraft in the future?

[Images via Team Coco]