MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Will Be Offered Job Extension [Insider Report]

77-year-old MLB commissioner Bud Selig will be offered a contract extension and a source inside the league says he’s likely to accept it.

Selig currently has just one year remaining on his contract and had previously said he would retire when that contract agreement expired.

If the rumor is correct Selig is expected to stick around for at least two additional years, placing his position squarely through the 2014 baseball season.

According to ESPN:

It’s expected that at some point during the upcoming owners’ meetings, which start Wednesday in Scottsdale, Ariz., Selig will be asked to depart the room, and then, as a matter of formality, a motion will be made to extend Selig’s contract — a motion that will be widely supported, according to sources.

Along with his use of a private jet Selig is believed to make more than $22 million annually.

While Bud Selig has talked about leaving his position on several occasions, including after his three-year contract extension ran up in 2009 he has backed down each time.

Selig became the MBL’s acting commissioner in 1992 when owners forced out Fay Vincent, at the time of his appointment he said he didn’t want the job but then in 1998 accepted a five-year contract which forced him to give up the running of the Milwaukee Brewers, the franchise his family purchased in 1970 and then ran until they sold their interest in 2005.

Do you think Bud Selig has done a good enough job with Major League Baseball to keep his job for two additional years past his current contract?