Charlotte McKinney: Carl’s Jr. Star Feels Bad For Kate Upton

She may be dubbed the “Next Kate Upton” for her racy Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial and similar buxom blonde look. But Charlotte McKinney also sympathizes with the Sports Illustrated model over the leaked nude photo scandal that took the internet by storm this past summer.

“My heart went out to [Kate],” McKinney told Fox News. “It’s happened to so many girls. In high school it was always around. I mean your phone is your privacy, you don’t really think the world’s going to see this. You have a boyfriend. We’re models, we travel. We need to communicate with our boyfriends – sometimes it’s a little, you know.”

Charlotte expanded on her sympathy for Kate Upton during that difficult time:

“I think we all in the world have, you know, have done that for a relationship or anything like that. But if anything, to me, it’s more sad. It’s tough, and going out in public after something like that would be awful. It definitely makes you go through your phone, and delete some things. Hopefully, it’s all taken care of now but it’s heartbreaking. It’s tough, especially for a woman, you feel violated.”

McKinney has been compared to Upton recently after making headlines for a racy Super Bowl commercial for Carl’s Jr. As reported by Inquistr, the Carl’s Jr. ad pushes the envelope, as the busty blonde walks around a farmers market au naturel, concealed by some hilariously-placed props. All the while, Charlotte is promoting the fast food chain’s all-natural burger recipe and ingredients.

Charlotte McKinney Called Next Kate Upton

“I love going all natural, it just makes me feel better,” Charlotte brazenly declares before revealing herself to be somewhat clothed in a skimpy bikini from behind some well-placed produce.

In addition to the Carl’s Jr. commercial, McKinney is walking in Upton’s footsteps as the face of Guess as well, prompting the obvious comparisons to Kate. And while Charlotte tells Fox News that she admires the “business aspect of [Upton’s] career,” she’d like it to be known that her and Kate are “two totally different people.”

Speaking of Upton, the Sports Illustrated cover girl is busy with her own commercials, including starring in the Game of War trailer that made it’s rounds on television the past couple months. The promo features the model as a sexy warrior ready for battle. And according to, Kate is going nautical for her latest campaign for Express, looking ultra-chic in nautical-inspired looks for the brand’s spring/summer collection.

If Charlotte McKinney is indeed the “Next Kate Upton,” she certainly has a ways to go to catch up.

Watch the Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial below: