UFO Over Argentina Spotted By Thousands

Dustin Wicksell

A strange, illuminated UFO shocked the residents of several towns in Argentina earlier this month, witnessed by thousands of observers who watched as it flew overhead.

The UFO was sighted in the skies over Gualeguaychú on January 4, according to OpenMinds, moving slowly across the city. Residents described the UFO as brightly illuminated, glowing white, and observed that its lights blinked on and off repeatedly, even disappearing at one point. The object was also witnessed by observers in Larroque, a town about 20 miles to the west of Gualeguaychú.

Several local residents were able to film the UFO, uploading their footage to YouTube. In those clips, the UFO appears almost stationary, though witnesses asserted that it was moving slowly, according to UFO Sightings Daily. Despite the efforts of multiple people to document the UFO, few details can be discerned from the footage, which simply reveals the blinking light.

Though some have argued that the UFO could be a drone or illuminated glider, Maxima Online highlights the fact that the object was spotted roughly 20 miles away. They assert that something as small as a drone couldn't be observed from that distance, even when illuminated. Some witnesses also allege that they spotted a similar UFO the night before the mass sighting, on January 3.

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Authorities in Argentina have yet to comment on the Gualeguaychú sighting, and it remains unclear whether any government agency will investigate the UFO.

[Image via Nuevo Diario]