Bobby Shmurda Records Track From Prison, Uncle Asks Where Fake Friends Have Gone

Bobby Shmurda’s time in prison hasn’t stopped the rapper from working on new music with his GS9 crew.

According to Music Times, last month it was announced that GS9 would work in conjunction with Migos on a joint mixtape, which is set to be called Shmigo Gang.

After Bobby Shmurda’s arrest in December, it was assumed that the rapper wouldn’t be able to work on the record any more. However, the first two tracks have now been released, which are entitled “Computer (Freestyle)” and “What you Talmbout,” and the first of these songs actually features Bobby Shmurda.

Shmurda recorded his parts while in prison, and they appear on the outro to “Computer (Freestyle).” Both “Computer (Freestyle)” and “What you Talmbout” are now available to hear on Soundcloud. However, a release date for the joint mixtape still hasn’t been announced.

Meanwhile, Bobby Shmurda’s uncle has launched a scathing attack on his nephew’s “fake” friends from the music industry.

Debo Wilson, who is the co-founder of Hard Tymes Records as well as Shmurda’s uncle and manager, has come out and declared that several rappers have abandoned the Brooklyn-based musician since he was incarcerated.

Wilson made these remarks to Vlad TV, via MTV, where he personally came out and criticized numerous rappers.

“When I got mother f*****s like Funk Flex sayin I’m shad, now I gotta say something. P**** n*****, you don’t know me, so don’t be calling me shady. Simple as that.”

In fact, Debo Wilson declared that he has only tried to help out Bobby Shmurda since his nephew was a young child. The pair are currently embroiled in a dispute, though. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bobby Shmurda has accused Wilson of stealing $20,000 from him. This even resulted in Bobby Shmurda turning down Wilson’s recent request to post bail for the rapper. But Wilson is adamant that he has only offered guidance for numerous rappers.

“All I ever did was help these kids. I’ve been there for [Bobby] since he was a kid. The problem with him is that he didn’t want the proper guidance that he was getting from us. So if he wants to choose hanging with his friends [rather than] listen to people that [are] giving him positive advice that changes his life and betters his life, that’s his business.”

However, despite their issues, Debo Wilson admitted that he still “loves” Bobby Shmurda and that he will still try to “help me.” He concluded by declaring, “He’s locked up, I’m trying to help him get out.”

Bobby Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, will appear in court on January 29 on various charges. These include offences that are related to narcotics, conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

[Image via Huff Post]