Obama Apologizes For U.S. Role In Global Warming, India Rejects His Deal Anyway

President Obama apologized for the role the United States has played in global warming during a speech in India, but that didn't convince the Asian nation to sign a deal to put a limit to future greenhouse gas emissions.

As Obama concludes his visit to India, he is coming home empty handed and the much-sought climate deal didn't happen, despite the President's apologies for the role the U.S. has had, in what some say is a much worse global warming than we have seen at any time in history.

"... the United States recognizes its part in creating this problem, so we're leading the global effort to combat it..." Obama said during a speech from Sirifort, New Delhi, on Tuesday.

India rejected the Obama administration's suggestion they enter into an agreement to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to fight global warming, according to the Daily Caller. The Asian nation is the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter.

The efforts were geared towards gaining international support for a global warming treaty ahead of a United Nations summit later this year. However, according to an Environment Ministry official, India didn't want to put a peaking year on it's reduction of greenhouse gas emissions like China did in 2014.

China made the pledge last year to peak its emissions by 2030, something India didn't want to do, even though the U.S. has offered the country $1 billion in aid to grow its green industry. This has proven to be one of the most difficult aspects to overcome in negotiations between developed and under-developed nations.

"India was also not willing to make any bilateral commitment until India submitted its intended domestically determined contribution," sources told Hindustan Times. Despite apologies from Obama and the lack of a formal agreement, India is vowing to make some changes to its green industry.

The Times says the country will likely push an aggressive green energy agenda. The plan will most likely include generating 100,000 megawatts of solar power and 55,000 megawatts of wind power, and also saving 20,000 megawatts of power through energy efficiency standards.

In late 2014, Obama reached a controversial deal with Beijing, in which he committed the United States to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 26 percent by the year 2025. China promised its emissions would peak in 2030, but did not commit to specific numbers.

Climate change is a controversial topic, as researchers have not been able to prove definitively that human behavior contributes to the alleged warmer climate. Scientists say temperature measurements indicate the planet hasn't warmed, on balance, for the last 17 years, even though emissions of greenhouse gases have dangerously increased.

Ironically, Obama was apologizing for the U.S.' role in global warming while traveling on Air Force One, which burns five gallons of jet fuel per mile. Estimates are that this round trip, including the stop in Saudi Arabia, will emit 809 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, the Daily Mail reports.

Do you think President Obama should apologize for the alleged role of the U.S. in global warming, while India is one of the biggest contributors to the problem?

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