Ryan Knight Honored By ‘Challenge’ Co-Stars [VIDEO]

Ryan Knight tragically passed away after filming the latest installment of MTV’s The Challenge.

Just two weeks after Diem Brown lost her battle to cancer, Knight was found dead after a night of partying in Wisconsin. Months later, his former co-stars honored him in a memorial video by MTV.

“I’ll miss his laugh. It was infectious,” Wes Bergmann revealed to People Magazine.

“No matter what was going on, he would always find something funny in the situation, and he would ignite the room with it… [Ryan Knight was] an incredible human being. A lot of us don’t live in the present. Knight was like, ‘This is what we are doing right now.'”

Jordan Wiseley, a relative newbie on the show, remembered Ryan Knight for his down-for-anything attitude.

“Knight was my ride-or-die. Anytime I would say, ‘Yo, let’s go,’ it’s like he would say, ‘Yep.’ No matter if it was getting in trouble or avenging something. It didn’t matter. I could say, ‘There is this giant we gotta fight,’ and he would say, ‘Aight.'”

Jemmye Carroll was perhaps the most affected by Knight’s death because of their history, which included time in the Real World: New Orleans house, and a romantic relationship in the months that followed.

“It sucks [that he died at only 29 years old] because he was the person that loved life the most, and he would want people to party on. Knight was always the most carefree person. He didn’t care about two years from now, he lived in the moment.”

Although Carroll wasn’t dating Ryan Knight at the time of his death, she claims he was her soulmate.

“You have a soulmate in life and a love of your life. I think you choose the love of your life, and I think you are bound to your soulmate whether you want to be or not. We were bound together… he was my soulmate. I just pray to God that when he took his last breath, he knew that I had nothing but love for him.”

As the Inquisitr reported in November 2014, Knight was found dead at 29 after a wild night of partying. At the time, a friend reported to TMZ that he had choked on his own vomit after taking “some pills.”

For more of The Challenge, tune into new episodes on Tuesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV, and don’t miss the Ryan Knight memorial special on Thursday at midnight.

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