January 28, 2015
Man Accused Of Having Sex With Shetland Pony Was 'Sweating Profusely, Smelling Of Horses' After Alleged Steamy Session

Alan Barnfield, a man described as a "sexual deviant" with special interest in horses at Sheffield Crown Court in the U.K., has been accused of having sex with a Shetland pony called Sky in a wooded end of a paddock after midnight.

Police officers said they found Barnfield "sweating profusely and smelling strongly of horses" after leading a Shetland pony into a wooded area in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, after midnight.

Prosecutor Louise Reevell told the court that neighbors saw Barnfield putting something around the neck of the Shetland pony before leading it with another horse into the dark after midnight on 8 August, 2012.

"It is at this time the prosecution say that intercourse took place out of sight in a dark wooded area at the end of the paddock."
When neighbors saw him leading two horses from Oak Tree Stables in the village of Loversall into a wooded area beyond a paddock after midnight, they thought he was trying to steal them and called the police.

Barnfield, of Hexthorpe Lane, Hexthorpe, Doncaster, was suspected of having sexual intercourse with Sky the Shetland pony only after Jodie Walton, Sky's owner, noticed that her horse was in discomfort. She called a vet who examined the animal and found that she had been sexually abused.

Although DNA from Sky was detected on Barnfield, he denied having sex with the horse. He told the court he was only out walking at the time police officers found him.

Officers who had searched his rucksack for evidence that he was trying to steal the animals found that it contained cans of deodorant, a dog chain, a water sprayer and bottles of glucose drink.

The officers recalled that he was "sweating profusely and smelling strongly of horses" at the time they found and questioned him on suspicion of trying to steal the two horses.

He was also carrying mobile phones with videos of bestiality.

It was on the day after police questioned Barnfield that Walton examined her horse and found that the animal was in discomfort.

Samples taken from Barnfield were found to contain horse DNA.

Based on evidence provided by forensic experts who conducted analysis of swabs taken from Barnfield, Sky the Shetland pony and two bottles found at the scene of the alleged sexual intercourse between man and beast, prosecutors concluded that Barnfield sexually assaulted Sky with bottles before having intercourse with her.

However, one of the forensic experts, Samantha Warner, said there was no conclusive scientific proof of the details of allegations against Barnfield. But she said the allegations could not be ruled out based on the evidence. She confirmed that the bottles carried DNA that matched Barnfield's.

The second forensic analyst, Victoria Moore, said horse DNA was detected in swabs taken from Barnfield. However, she agreed with the defense attorney that merely stroking the animal could have transferred horse DNA to the defendant.

Two mobile phones seized from Barnfield were found to contain pornographic films with bestiality themes. Police officers who saw the films gave graphic description of the content in court. They said sexual acts performed in the pornographic videos included female actors having sexual intercourse and other sex acts with horses and dogs.

The trial of Alan Barnfield on charges of having sex with an animal continues.

[Images:Wikimedia Commons]