Reality Steve ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal Rose Ceremony Shocker: Chris Soules Pulls A ‘Bachelor’ First

Reality Steve’s latest Bachelor spoilers reveal a big rose ceremony shocker, one that has never happened in the history of ABC’s popular reality show. After weeks of not providing episode-by-episode spoilers, Steve is making a comeback with information on all of the remaining episodes, including one week (Episode 6) where Chris Soules pulls a Bachelor first.

Weeks before the Bachelor premiered in early January, Reality Steve revealed the name of Chris Soules’ final pick, but some viewers are not quite so sure he’s right. Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Steve’s lack of spoilers about the one-on-one dates and weekly rose ceremonies are making fans doubt the outcome of the show.

Well, it looks like he has finally come through for viewers who love to find out what happens before the episodes air. On Tuesday, Steve posted complete spoilers for the rest of the season posted on his blog, including some rather surprising information about the Episode 7 rose ceremony.

Or should we say “lack of” a rose ceremony.

Reality Steve reveals that in Episode 6 (February 9), there won’t be a rose ceremony at all — something that has never happened on The Bachelor before. Chris goes on one group date (Carly, Megan, Kaitlyn, Britt, Whitney, and Jade), a one-one-one date (Becca Tilley), and the dreaded two-on-one date (Ashley I. and Kelsey) during the episode filmed in Deadwood, South Dakota.

“I had heard before the season started that they had to cancel a rose ceremony this season. I never got it double sourced, nor did I know if it was accurate… this looks to be the episode [6] where a rose ceremony is cancelled since the three girls eliminated were all eliminated before the rose ceremony, leaving the remaining 6 women to move on to Des Moines.”

Chris sends both Ashley and Kelsey home on the two-on-one date (shocker) and Megan leaves after the group date. That leaves six girls waiting for a rose ceremony that apparently never happens.

Becca and Britt both have roses from their respective dates, so they are safe. Because there is no rose ceremony, Carly, Kaitlyn, Whitney, and Jade are also safe and will continue on to Episode 7, which will be a big week for all six girls — the rose ceremony will determine which girls get to go on the Hometown dates with Chris.

The Bachelor season finale is scheduled to air March 9, so there are still six more episodes and the Women Tell All special to watch before fans see Chris Soules propose to his final pick. Will Reality Steve‘s finale rose spoiler be correct this season, or are fans still unsure?

[Image: Britt Nilsson Instagram]