WWE News: WWE Attempting To Fool The Internet Lately, Will It Continue Going Into ‘WrestleMania’?

WWE is known for trying to surprise their fans with unique material, but often times those surprises can be spoiled. It should come as no surprise, however, that WWE is trying to figure out ways to avoid things from being spoiled. They’ve been known to put out red herrings here and there, but now it appears that they are taking things an extra mile.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE has been trying to fool the Internet lately. At the Royal Rumble PPV, WWE brought in several people that they both planned to use or have as a way to fool people. Chris Jericho, Nikolai Volkoff, and even X-Pac were backstage at the event. Sting was said to have been present as well, but that was not confirmed. It is said that they were walking about backstage purposely to be noticed by people and leaked.

WWE basically had these men there to trick the Internet into reporting on them and not the other surprises on the night, such as Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba claims that he had hid most of the night so no one would really know he was there until he came out. WWE has done this off and on in the past, but they have seemingly had to do it a lot more due to the issue of leaks.

It is said that WWE could be doing a lot of the red herring things heading into WrestleMania as a way to keep insiders off the trail on plans they might have. WWE obviously likes to keep WrestleMania material a secret until they are open to unveiling it. Whether they have to put a rumor out themselves or have a WWE Superstar or Diva hint at something, they will try it. Even if they have to bring in random people just to keep a secret about another storyline or person, they might do it.

While WWE has seemingly angered the WWE fans by giving the people a bad Royal Rumble PPV as well as a winner that few are behind, WWE may correct some mistakes before WrestleMania takes place. There are several options WWE has right now, similar to last year.

Regardless, we’ll probably hear a lot of things heading into WrestleMania 31. Some of it could be true, and some of it could be what WWE wants us to think. We may not know until the event comes, which is what WWE is trying to force.

[IMG Credit: Bleacher Report]