James Scott Of ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Lands New TV Show, Ties The Knot

James Scott left his role as EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives a while back and he spent quite a bit of time traveling the world and embracing new adventures. Now, it seems, he’s back in California and making some big life changes once again. He is joining a new show and it also seems he’s just gotten married. What’s the scoop?

Scott tweeted that he was on his first day of shooing Wrecked and he posted another photo with the simple caption “Action!” According to the Hollywood Reporter, Wrecked is a new pilot for the TBS network and it has a pretty extensive cast.

Wrecked is teased as a “Lost-meets-Gillian’s Island” comedy. A plane crashes on a remote island and the survivors have to adjust to their dangerous new world. Naturally, the group is left without the conveniences they are used to back home, so adjusting to their new life brings forth complications.

The Days of Our Lives alum will play Liam, a guy who is a charismatic, appealing, and confident natural leader. He will be the handsome guy on the island, a former military guy who had been campaigning for human rights for child war refugees before the plane crash.

Deadline notes that Zach Cregger plays the lead role of Owen. He has previously appeared as T.J. on About a Boy and has been involved with a number of other shows, as well. The character of Owen is a flight attendant who wanted to travel and avoid starting his post-college life. Others involved with the show include Ginger Gonzaga, Jessica Lowe, Asif Ali, and Ally Maki as well as Will Greenberg, Brooke Dillman, George Basil, Rhys Darby, and Brian Sacca.

As for James Scott’s personal life, it looks like he’s got some big news to share with fans. Patti Stanger of The Millionaire Matchmaker tweeted out a big congratulations via Twitter to James and his new bride, Kaitlin. It seems that Stanger introduced the two while author and metaphysician Tara Sutphen officiated the ceremony.

Fans of Patti’s The Millionaire Matchmaker may remember that Stanger has had Sutphen on the show before, but so far it’s not entirely clear how they connected with Scott and got involved in his wedding to Kaitlin Robinson. While the wedding may come as big news to Scott’s fans, James and Kaitlin have actually been together for some time now.

Days of Our Lives fans still miss James Scott in the role of EJ DiMera, but they’re happy to see that he’s moved on to this new project and tied the knot with his long-time love, Kaitlin.

[Image via Go Pix Pic]