School’s Epic Snow Day Message Goes Viral, Hilarious ‘Let It Go’ Parody Used To Dismiss School [Video]

One Head of School in Rhode Island is in the spotlight today after posting an epic school closing video to the school’s official YouTube account. Instead of sending children a traditional school closing message, Moses Brown School’s Head of School, Matt Glendinning, decided to add a little humor to everyone’s morning by creating his very own “Let It Go” parody video to announce the school would be closed due to the winter weather.

The viral video features Glendinning dancing and lip-syncing to a “school is closed” parody of Disney‘s hit movie Frozen‘s popular song “Let It Go.” Glendinning told ABC News that he got the idea after seeing some other videos created by other schools. Glendinning said he thought his school could “crush it” so spent a week and a half creating the “Let It Go” parody video. The process began when Glendinning heard about the large snow storm approaching the area.

“I’ve seen a couple of funny principal snow day closings and I thought we could really crush that. Of course, with two little girls, I’ve heard ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen more than a couple times.”

As if Glendinning’s performance isn’t enough to keep the kids laughing, the lyrics certainly will.

“The snow glows white on route 95, not a tire track to be seen. We could make you come to school but that would just be mean. The plows are running but still traffic starts to slide. Don’t come to school, just stay inside.”

The chorus itself is sure to note, numerous times, that “school is closed” and there is no need to come outside.

“School is closed. School is closed. Cause it snowed so much last night.”

Though Glendinning starred in the video, he wants to be sure to point out that the vocals are not his. Instead, the Moses Brown School’s choral director, Justin Peters, is featured with Glendinning simply lip-syncing to his vocals.

What do you think of the Moses Brown School’s epic snow day announcement?