Cyber Bullying Avenged? Bullies’ Father Fired For Video About Daughter’s Snapchat Problem [Video]

Was cyber bullying avenged when Brad Knudson of Lake Prior, Minnesota, took things into his own hands? It seems so, because after the video he posted on YouTube went viral, the father of the Snapchat bullies plaguing his adopted daughter lost his job.

In the video previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bradley Knudson took to calling out Deron Puro, the father of the bullies his daughter had a problem with. Apparently, his video worked a little too well. He allegedly wanted nothing more than to make the bullies own up to their actions.

In the video, Knudson said he had tried to talk to the bullies’ father, and Puro had been less than accommodating, telling him in return that he could care less and that he and his kids owned the behavior, according to the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Brad Knudson had claimed that he was trying to make a stand because close friends of his family had lost their son to suicide, and he wanted to see the cyber bullying avenged. After calling the police over the incident, he decided to go public.

“It dawned on me that I cannot have this hanging over us, and my daughter thinking the worst and something could happen.”

Fox News states that Knudson had engaged in a heated argument with Puro over the bullying, after which he had received two voicemails played in the video above calling him vulgar names, including “n***** lover.”

Knudson explained his reaction in the video.

“So I called him back, and I said, ‘Well yeah, that’s a correct statement. I am an N lover because I have a beautiful African American daughter who I love more than life itself and would do anything for her’ and said a few more choice words to him and hung up on him.”

Two days after the video was posted, Puro lost his job, and his family apologized, stating that Deron didn’t remember making those phone calls as he had been under the influence of pills and alcohol. The bullies’ father allegedly had to move them to another state out of fear of what internet viewers would do in the name of avenging cyber bullying.

Knudson discovered the following week that his adopted daughter had been using racial slurs herself and thought it was a joke, according to a comment he left on YouTube.

“I am extremely saddened and disappointed because of this video she has discredited the message that we wanted to convey. I hope that this does not stop our efforts to highlight the issues that still remain regarding bully[ing] and the effects it has on children.”

Despite avenging the cyber bullying, the Lake Prior father may have won the fight, but lost some dignity. Both fathers have had their phones disconnected over it, but Puro lost his job.

[Image via Fox 6 Now]