One Direction Stars Zayn Malik And Harry Styles In Charity Face Off

When One Direction star Zayn Malik had his birthday earlier this month, Inquisitr reported that the 22-year-old’s dedicated fans showed that they have huge hearts by holding a charity drive for Zayn’s favorite charity. Zayn is an ambassador for the British Asian Trust, an organization that raises cash and serves as a “social fund” to support high-impact charities within the areas of education, enterprise, and health in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the UK.

New Magazine reported that Zayn’s fans had surpassed their initial target raising over $11,000 for the charity. The total on the “Just Giving” page has since grown to $11,339.28 (£7,460). Shortly after his birthday, Zayn Malik took to Twitter to thank his fans and calling their efforts amazing.

Zayn’s band-mate, Harry Styles, celebrates his birthday this week. Harry turns 21 on February 1, and once again One Direction fans have proven their generosity. In honor of Harry’s birthday his fans have set up a “Virgin Giving” page to raise money to support the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.

The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard was formed in 1974, and provides a listening service for people to discuss their feelings in an impartial and non-judgmental way, as well as information and advice. It is the oldest helpline of its kind in the UK. With just a few days to go until Harry’s birthday, the charity drive has reached a total of $11,483.29 (£7,557.09), though this is still shy of the target. Given the proven generosity of One Direction fans, who would bet against the target being reached before Harry’s birthday?

The generosity of One Direction fans don’t stop there though. The Yorkshire Standard previously reported that they have already raised over £35,000 for various charities, so with the efforts in honor of Zayn and Harry’s birthday’s, they will have surpassed the £50,000 mark.

All this comes in a week when One Direction have been recognized by society magazine Debrett’s as being amongst the 500 most influential people. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan & Liam Payne make this years list alongside the likes of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Virgin brand founder Richard Branson. Quite an accomplishment for five young men who were formed into a band on the 2010 X Factor by Simon Cowell, who is also on the Debrett’s list.

Harry looks likely to be celebrating his birthday in Los Angeles, where the rest of the band are joining him for final rehearsals before they set of on the “On The Road Again” tour, which kicks off in Australia on February 7.

It will be interesting to see where the appeal in honor of Harry’s birthday reaches before his celebration. There is no doubt that the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard will have every reason to celebrate along with Harry Styles and his fans.

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