‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2015 Spoilers: Tasks 10 And 11 Bring Fierce Battles, Hostile Boardrooms

Viewers watched a Celebrity Apprentice 2015 episode filled with drama Monday night, and the finale is just around the corner. Two more tasks, boardrooms, and firings lie ahead in the February 2 episode and fans are anxious to know what to expect. What Celebrity Apprentice spoilers are available for the next show?

The February 2 episode of Celebrity Apprentice, featuring tasks 10 and 11, is titled “Who Stole My Phone?” Fan favorite and recently departed comedian Joan Rivers is back as an advisor in what should be her final appearance on the show.

During the first task on Monday’s show, On The Flix teases Celebrity Apprentice spoilers, that the teams will have to create a “photo bomb” and hashtag campaign related to King’s Hawaiian. There will be an incident between two of the celebrities that plays into a particularly explosive boardroom. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are said to be the advisors for this task.

NBC teases that the feud between Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore escalates so much in this next episode that even Donald Trump is shocked. Does that mean one of them will be walking out the door? Perhaps, but there are several celebrities believed to be at risk this coming week.

In the second part of the next episode, Celebrity Apprentice spoilers indicate that the two teams will be challenged to write a 30-second jingle for the Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas beverages. It seems that both project managers will have to deal with their teams being particularly difficult. Another heated boardroom takes place and it seems the fired celebrity will be a shocking one.

As fans saw in the preview for the next show, Vivica and Kenya get into a heated argument and that certainly seems to be what the teases about the “incident,” explosive boardroom, and escalated feud are tied to. It’s all over a tweet that was sent out from Vivica’s account during filming, a tweet that Vivica blames on Kenya having taken her phone.

As the Daily Mail shared at the time, the tweet referenced how menopause was killing Vivica, she couldn’t think straight, and she was acting like a fool. The big blow-out seems to happen during the first boardroom of the episode, as all seven celebrities are seen there in the preview.

Supposedly Donald Trump blasts Kenya as being one of the most evil women he’s ever met just before he fires her, and many suspect that this could be related to the next firing on Monday’s show. Can Kenya escape the axe for another boardroom or two? That much isn’t known quite yet, but things do not look good for her.

Just who will be fired in this next episode? There is a lot of speculation, but things are a bit more up in the air this time compared to earlier weeks. The Celebrity Apprentice spoiler fans at the Survivor Sucks forum have been tracking the season and seemingly have just about everything nailed down. However, things are a bit murky regarding this February 2 episode.

Could there be three firings on Monday’s show? That’s what some are speculating, but so far the episode is being teased as the standard two boardrooms and two firings. Based on Celebrity Apprentice spoilers from Survivor Sucks, Kenya, Geraldo Rivera, and Johnny Damon are the next three believed to be fired, though the order in which they go isn’t known for certain.

The Celebrity Apprentice finale airs on February 16, with a special episode slated to air on February 9. It’s been a wild season and fans can’t wait to see which celebrities manages to outlast the rest of the competition.

[Image via JoJo Crews]