NBC Snow Storm Reporter Oblivious, Nearly Taken Out By Skidding Car

One lucky journalist is likely breathing a sigh of relief after watching footage of her in a close call during Blizzard 2015 coverage. NBC snow storm reporter, Stacey Bell, was providing updates on Juno from a town in New York when a car in the background nearly took her out while skidding on the slippery road. And the entire time, she was oblivious that an out-of-control vehicle was directly in her path. The video has gone viral, citing a Mediaite report.

The reporter, with NBC’s Storm Team 4 was on a live remote in Garden City, Long Island when the treacherous scene unfolded.The camera at the time was panning for viewers to see how the snow storm had dumped large amounts of powder on Old Country Road in Nassau County.

Bell points out how “desolate” the roadways are and how she is happy residents and travelers heeded warnings from officials to stay indoors until the blizzard passes. As the NBC snow storm reporter continues her coverage, a maroon-colored car is seen leaving from a stopped position on a green light.

The car’s engine can be clearly heard revving up as the driver attempted to negotiate a left turn. The car then begins skidding through the turn as the reporter continued her coverage. Many liken it to a scene from a Sprint car race.

The driver careens past Bell, who is either unaware of the sliding car, or simply stuck to her training and showed no emotion during live reporting. Luckily, there were no injuries from the near-miss.

The NBC anchors, clearly alarmed by the footage Bell hadn’t seen, showed their concern, warning everyone, “Let’s try to keep it safe out there.” Perhaps, next time, the NBC snow storm reporter may stay clear of curves during blizzards when picking a place to shoot from.

[Image via: MSNBC]