‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Will Abby Pull Nia From The Group Dance In ‘Bye Bye Pittsburgh’?

Dance Moms is back with a new episode Tuesday night on Lifetime and it looks like JoJo Siwa may be front-and-center yet again. Could one of the long-term Abby Lee Dance Company dancers get pushed aside so JoJo can get a big opportunity? What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the January 27 episode?

Tuesday’s episode is titled “Bye Bye Pittsburgh” and JoJo and her mom are fighting hard to earn a permanent spot with the ALDC. The group is preparing to head to Hollywood, and as TV Guide teases, Jill and Holly worry that Abby Lee Miller is going to be focusing even more on her favorites than ever before. Will Kendall and Nia be left behind in the dust?

The big Dance Moms spoiler preview via the network shows that as the ALDC dancers prepares their group dance, it’s discussed that they are entered in the teen division and they don’t want to leave Pittsburgh without a win. JoJo’s mom points out that if one of the older dancers is pulled, and the younger JoJo is put in, the group can compete in a younger division and probably be ensured a win.

The editing of the preview makes it seem as if Abby then pulls Nia out and gives JoJo the spot, a move that definitely won’t go over well with everybody. However, based on Dance Moms spoilers from the competition, it seems that Miller leaves the group as is and they compete in the teen division.

How does everybody place in this week’s competition? According to the Dance Moms spoilers via the show’s Wikia page, the group dance takes second place in both the teen division and overall competition. Maddie’s lyrical solo takes first in teen and second overall, while Kendall’s jazz solo places third in teen and did not place in the overall standings.

In addition, JoJo has a jazz solo that takes third place in the junior division, but also does not place in the overall standings. Who takes first place in the overall group standings? That apparently would be a dance from the Strictly Rhythm group, and it would seem that several of their dancers placed well in the solo divisions too.

There is a new group of dancers in the mix of things now that Chloe Lukasiak is gone, as are the Hyland gals, but Abby Lee Miller still has her favorites. Viewer reviews on JoJo seem to be mixed, but chances are that she’ll be around a bit as she definitely cranks up the drama along with her mother.

What makes Nia cry in this episode? Will Abby really lose focus on her dedicated, long-term dancers as she puts her attention on her Hollywood project? It all plays out every Tuesday night as new episodes of Dance Moms air on Lifetime.

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