Chris Soules Talks ‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Season Episode 4, Spoils Episode 5

Viewers watched as Chris Soules pushed through some challenging moments in Episode 4 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season Monday night. Things are getting serious and the ladies are definitely getting competitive. In Soules’ new blog he shares a few thoughts on how things played out Monday night and gives a few Bachelor spoilers for Episode 5 airing on February 2. What did he reveal?

Soules writes in his People blog that he had no idea that Kelsey Poe was so miserable during the group date. As for Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ashley Iaconetti stripping off parts of their bikinis, Chris says that was due to a game of Truth or Dare they were all playing.

Viewers might find it interesting to learn that Chris’ sisters Lori and Lisa both live in Chicago, as a certain bachelorette this season (Whitney Bischoff) also currently lives in Chicago. Ultimately the sisters chose Jade Roper for the Cinderella date and he says he was thrilled they chose her.

Ashley Salter showed her eccentric side again on the group date. Chris says that he really couldn’t follow what she was saying and he was uncomfortable when she said she loved him. He says that conversation was the last straw in his relationship with her.

The Bachelor 2015 star notes that he had a great chat with Becca Tilley during the mud run and he felt an instant connection. He teases that this was the moment when he knew she was going to be around for a long time and even acknowledges that this may well be a big spoiler.

As for Jillian, he says that ultimately he just wasn’t feeling it with her and he knows they just weren’t meant to be. Ashley I. has made quite the big deal about her virginity, something Chris says he respects though he wasn’t expecting the big revelation.

He says that the hardest part of the cocktail party was the conversation he had with Britt Nilsson. As Bachelor viewers saw, she had some tough questions for him and he felt as if he was being attacked for going with his gut. He says that he may have overreacted a bit in his speech to the other ladies, but it hurt to have his integrity questioned.

What can fans look forward to in Episode 5? Soules teases Bachelor spoilers that things are going to get a bit nutty. As had been teased before, one eliminated lady returns hoping to score another chance. Reality Steve’s spoilers previously broke down the supposed scoop on that return and fans will be curious to see how it plays out.

In addition, Soules’ Bachelor spoilers indicate that one lady will get nearly naked right in front of him while another passes out. Based on teasers previously shared via the Inquisitr, it seems that he’s referring to Carly Waddell and Kelsey on those teases.

Show host Chris Harrison teases via TV Guide that Kelsey will be a controversial and divisive figure going forward. Harrison says that Soules is protective of her because of her experience of losing her husband, but she uses that to her favor. Harrison also teases that some early favorites are fading while new frontrunners are emerging.

Did Chris Soules make the right decisions in his eliminations in Episode 4? Just how wild will Episode 5 be? Fans can’t wait to find out and it all plays out Monday nights on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]