Louis Tomlinson Not A Perez Hilton Fan?

Some people like the Bachelor, others enjoy the reality show classic Survivor, but Louis Tomlinson is more of a fan of Celebrity Big Brother. Know who he’s not a fan of, though? Gossip King, Perez Hilton.

The One Direction band member has gotten some attention for tweets he is posting about Hilton and Celebrity Big Brother.

First, he said that Perez needs to be put in “a mental institution.”

Then there was the campaign to vote Perez out with the hashtag “#getperezout.”

And then there was anger last night over the most recent episode of the BBC’s popular reality show.

So what does Tomlinson mean in this angry tweet about Perez and a contract?

On this season of Celebrity Big Brother, Perez is weaving some kind of twisted web, and while his cast mates think that Hilton has left the show, he is “actually living in a secret room nearby” according to Unreality TV.

And what’s more is that there are rumors swirling, started by none other than Hilton himself, that as part of his contract with the show, there is a clause that “guarantees him a spot in the final three.”

Apparently Tomlinson is “livid” over talk of this secret clause and the fact that Hilton could be staying to the very end of the show.

So where does this animosity come from? Why would Tomlinson go after the founder of one of the most popular gossip sites? Perhaps, it’s because of the gossip.

Hilton had reported that Tomlinson had missed the NRJ Music Awards Show back in December in Cannes, France. And by reported, I mean gossiped about the reason he could have missed an important award show where his band won International/Duo of the Year Award again.

What was the reason Perez guessed for Louis’ absence? Because Louis had been caught smoking inside the BBC Awards.

What was the real reason according to Tomlinson? He was sick. Maybe Tomlinson is upset that Perez stirs up stuff that’s not there.

Or perhaps it’s because of the despicable statement that Perez made to the Sun in regards to his plan on Celebrity Big Brother and how he feels about sharing gossip.

Perez was quoted as saying, “I’m finding stories about the celebrities for the viewers. I’ll play with people…I’ve been doing this for so long, I know the game, I wrote the book.”

Well whatever the reason, Louis Tomlinson is most definitely not a fan of Perez Hilton, and I’m sure we’ll sure more on Twitter.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia]