Johnny Manziel: Is His Career Salvageable, Or Should The Cleveland Browns Move On?

Johnny Manziel suffered through his worst weekend since, perhaps, his underwhelming debut for the Cleveland Browns.

Instead of taking hits on the field, Manziel endured blows to his reputation thanks to an in-depth report by ESPN that seemed to reveal the rookie quarterback’s status within the Browns” franchise was non-existent.

One player allegedly went on record has calling Johnny being drafted a “100 percent joke”.

As the debate over the future of Johnny Manziel heats up, it seems that ESPN is ready to play devil’s advocate after all but confirming that he was on the outs.

In a new article, the sports news organization has suggested that there may be hoping for Johnny Manziel’s career.

“It’s important to remind in times like these that many of Manziel’s traits that garnered first-round interest eight months ago are still intact. Manziel has adequate arm strength and ability to make instinctive plays, though the rushing ability looks less explosive at the highest level of football. He was learning a pro-style, language-heavy offense for the first time in his life, making at least marginal struggles inevitable in Year 1. At least a faction of the locker room believed the team’s move to Manziel, despite a 7-6 record, was a surrender of sorts.”

“Manziel has the next seven months to spin the looming bust label into a positive gain.”

In other words, the potential to be an NFL star remains, and we shouldn’t be too quick to give up on “Johnny Football.”

Not everyone agrees, including Dennis Manoloff.

According to the Plain Dealer writer, the Cleveland Browns would be better off if they simply cut ties with Johnny Manziel.

Manoloff said during an interview with Cinesport that Manziel has “skill sets that didn’t seem to translate” to world of professional football and questioned whether or not Johnny could be “trusted off the field to be a leader [a]nd a quarterback.” Is “Johnny Football” capable of mature behavior that doesn’t cast a shadow on the Browns franchise?

The blogger feels that Manziel is an “outlier,” rather than systematic of a culture problem within the Cleveland Browns’ organization.

Apparently, if such individuals were purged, it would contribute to a move in a positive direction for the Browns.

With several month standing between Johnny Manziel and a new NFL season, it’s on the fledgling quarterback to not only prove himself in Cleveland, but should his ambitions lie elsewhere, to prove that another team should take a chance on the rookie.

Do you think the Cleveland Browns should give Manziel another season to prove himself or move on to a more promising (and less controversial) prospect?

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