Chanelle Riggan Wardrobe Malfunction: Miss California Contestant Loses Bikini Top [Video]

Treva Bowdoin

Miss Beverly Hills Chanelle Riggan suffered a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the Miss California pageant on January 11. Riggan only managed to snag the fourth runner-up slot, but she deserved a special award for handling her fashion fail like a boss.

According to Gossip Cop, Chanelle Riggan briefly lost her bikini top during the swimsuit competition at the Miss California pageant. Chanelle was wearing a cover-up over her bikini bottoms, and she whipped it off with a flourish while strutting down the stage. Unfortunately, her sweeping arm movement caused her bikini top to come undone, and her breasts were briefly exposed.

While she was focused on pulling her top down, she took a bad step and slipped. However, as you can see in the censored video below, Riggan manages to avoid falling down. She has to use her hand to hold her bikini strings together during the rest of her walk, but she keeps on smiling. She even manages to pose perfectly for the judges while the shocked crowd cheers.

After the pageant, Riggan mentioned the wardrobe malfunction in an Instagram post.

"So tonight I accidentally ripped my bikini top off and flashed an entire online broadcast and audience at the Miss California USA pageant," she wrote.

Riggan went on to say that she's not upset about finishing in fifth place at all.

"But on top of that I also received fourth runner up at Miss California USA 2015, my first time ever competing at a state level competition out of 120 of truly the most beautiful women in the state. I still cannot believe I made it to the top five. I am feeling so incredibly blessed tonight and goes to show that hard work and determination really pay off. Thank you so much for the love and support from everyone it truly means the world to me. Miss California USA 2016 I'll be coming for you!"

Chanelle Riggan is one of the Anaheim Duck Power Players, the cheerleaders for the Anaheim Ducks hockey team. In a video on the Ducks' NHL website, Riggan describes herself as "bubbly, outgoing, and adventurous." She's pursuing a degree in forensic psychology, and she wants to work for the FBI someday. Krispy Kreme is her guilty pleasure, and she loves the outdoors.

At the Miss California pageant, Chanelle finished behind third runner-up Miss Greater San Diego Shelbi Buchholz, second runner-up Miss Stronach Group Brittany Payne, and first runner-up Miss Universal City Brittany Wagner. Chino Hills resident Natasha Martinez was named Miss California, and she has some pretty impressive credentials. According to the Daily Bulletin, she's a former Lakers girl and a model for Univision. Martinez was also Princess Jasmine at Disneyland.

Because Chanelle Riggan is a cheerleader for a hockey team, she might be impressed by one of the outfits that Miss Canada wore at the recent Miss Universe pageant. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chanel Beckenlehner's Canada-themed costume was one of the most buzzed-about looks of the competition. It featured 11 hockey sticks, a huge scoreboard, and a Stanley Cup hat. It's amazing that Beckenlehner didn't suffer her own wardrobe malfunction while trying to walk the stage in her elaborate outfit.

Do you think Chanelle Riggan did a great job handling her wardrobe malfunction?

[Image credit: Chanelle Riggan/Instagram]