March 3, 2015
Lea Michele Pukes Snow Singing 'Let It Go' On 'Glee' - Final Season Spoilers [Video]

Lea Michele is throwing up fake snow. Over and over again. It's all part of a video that she admits will never stop haunting her, resulting from her decision to sing "Let It Go" as part of the final season of Glee, reported Us Weekly.

Michele explained that she was initially nervous about singing the ubiquitous song. So she decided to check with the most famous singer of the tune, Idina Menzel. Idina, who played Lea's birth mother on Glee, encouraged her to "Let It Go."

"At first I was sort of worried, because Idina sang it and Demi [Lovato] sang know, so many people have done it. But I got Idina's blessing, which was wonderful," said Michele.

And so Lea went for it. Because she was so aware of the legacy of Frozen and its most well-known song, the 28-year-old actress admits that she was unusually nervous.

As a result of that anxiety and trying to live up to the precedents set by other singers, Lea found herself throwing up fake snow. And she just can't let the memory go.

I was super nervous. The day didn't start off so well. I was singing, there was snow falling, I looked up, trying to make it magical and beautiful, and ended up choking on the snow and vomiting on the ground. And they have it in slow-mo, on film.
But despite her dismay at puking, Lea was delighted when she discovered that cast members who brought their children reported their excitement.

The little kids were so thrilled that they ignored the vomit and believed in Lea as Queen Elsa come to life.

"I realized, I turned to their parents, and I was like, 'Oh, they think I'm her,'" said Michele proudly. "And then it was awesome. I was like, 'I am god right now. I am a Disney princess god!'"

What else lies ahead for viewers of Glee's final season? As Inquisitr previously reported, the show will follow up on Coach Beiste's announcement that she is taking medical leave as part of her decision to come out as transgender.

In addition, look for more parents of characters to play a role in the final season of Glee, reported TV Line. Blaine, played by Darren Criss, will interact with his mother, played by House of Versace actress Gina Gershon. In addition, Gloria Estefan will return as Santana's mother Maribel.

The actress playing Santana, Naya Rivera, has succeeded in generating her own publicity in appearances on The Talk, as the Inquisitr reported.

Naya created controversy by offering a commentary on showering, shown below.

[Photo By Charley Gallay/Getty Images]