Man In Perfect Health Spent $50,000 On His Addiction For Unnecessary Plaster Casts

For most people, wearing a plaster cast, be it on one’s leg or arm, is somewhat of a pain and definitely inconvenient, even if it is necessary.

But for one man, 27-year-old “Kevin” who appeared on the latest TLC instalment of the My Strange Addiction show, plaster casts are wonderful, not inconvenient at all, and even worth spending $50,000 on!

Curious as it may sound, you read correctly, as Kevin is literally obsessed with plaster casts, and has been since he was just 6-years-old, even though he doesn’t quite know why.

According to him, plaster casts make him feel secure, snug and comfortable, and that just wearing one gives him some kind of rush, as Kevin shared on the show.

“It really gives me this high that I just can’t really get any other way. My blood starts pumping and I get really nervous. It’s just a rush. I don’t have any broken bones, but I’m addicted to putting orthopedic casts on my body. I’m perfectly fine, perfectly healthy. I like the feeling of the cast around me. I’ve done two full arm casts, two full leg casts. I’ve done two full leg casts and an arm cast. I’ve put on so many casts, it’s ridiculous.”

The obsession apparently started when Kevin was in grade school, as he already had a thing for plaster casts back then. He said, “At about six or seven years old, I used to steal all my parents’ toilet paper and wrap my legs in toilet paper to mimic a cast,”.

So when, at the age of 12, Kevin broke his arm while rollerblading, he was curiously happy about it as he was treated to his first real cast, and the attention that it gave him.

In his own unique way, Kevin is so needy of attention that as a perfectly healthy adult he wears a cast regularly, and sometimes throws in the odd pair of crutches, a scooter or even a wheelchair for maximum effect.

Kevin admitted on the show that he likes to carry a plaster cast wherever he goes, “You never know when there’s going to be a need to put on a cast,” he explained.

On top of that, Kevin reckons that plaster casts are real girl magnets, as he enjoys the attention he gets from women when out in public, “Girls are constantly coming up to me, like, ‘Oh what did you do, you poor thing,'” he said.

At least Kevin is honest and isn’t trying to hide his weird addiction, as he concluded, “I love the attention I get. I love going out in public and seeing everybody – that gawk look is just amazing.”