How Does Trey Songz Always Get The Girl? By ‘Being Genuine’

Trey Songz has a way with the ladies. With hits like “Girl Tonite” and “Say Aah,” Trey has no problems with getting the ladies. And Trey was kind enough to share his secrets with Metro News.

So how does Trey do it? How is he so smooth and always seem to get the girl?

Trey says it isn’t because of the fame or the “bottle service.”

Trey claims that the best way to get a girl is that, “It’s not about when you’re out. It’s about when you’re talking to a woman and not having it be about anything else except that woman in that moment. Being genuine is going to get you there.”

There you go, fellas; there’s Trey Songz big secret. Want a girl? Be genuine.

What else did Trey have to share?

While most of his songs seem to be about taking a pretty lady home at night, he has more insightful songs about break ups like “What’s Best For You.” How does Trey see break ups? Is it a time to wallow in self despair, missing the person you used to be with? Of course not.

Trey says a break up is just about “separating yourself from somebody” and that it’s a good time to “focus on bettering yourself.” Great Advice Mr. Songz.

The 30-year-old Virginia native also talked about his success outside of the bedroom.

Trey claims that that he has “grown throughout the years” and has become “seasoned.” Songz says he is now able to understand what he means “to R&B music, hip-hop and pop-culture.”

He must be doing something right because his sixth studio album, Trigga, is extremely popular, making it to number one on the Billboard charts when it was released in July of 2014.

Trey’s latest hit, “Slow Motion,” seems to be doing well especially with the ladies. I guess it’s all that genuineness.

Trey is supposed to be touring with Chris Brown on the “Between the Sheets Tour” that was to begin tonight at the Hampton Coliseum, but after some trouble with the law, Brown has been forced to delay the beginning of the tour with Trey.

According to the Daily Press, while LiveNation didn’t give details, Brown shared on his Instagram that the tour had to be delayed because he “has to fulfill community service obligations related to his various arrests and probation violations.”

So if you’re looking to get “Between The Sheets” with Trey Songz, it looks like you may have to wait just a little bit longer.

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