Jay Z Runs This Town And Just About Everything Else

Beyonce may be Queen Bey, but Jay Z is surely king. Jay Z is out to prove that he runs just about every town and every industry with the moves he’s been making recently.

Jay has made his mark as a rapper, record producer, and Kanye’s BFF. With this kind of power, it’s easy to see just how easy it was for Jay to shut down a whole restaurant for his and his family’s disposal.

Jay was spotted out in Los Angeles Sunday trying to have a peaceful meal with this family. Just how peaceful did he want his meal to be? Like empty restaurant kind of peaceful because the eatery, My Two Cents, was completely closed down to everyone except Jay and his family.

So why would Jay and his group need a whole restaurant to themselves? The family and family friend, Kelly Rowlands, “wanted to catch up in peace,” according to the New York Daily News.

The 45-year-old hip hop mogul took his wife and daughter, Blue Ivy, and even his mother-in-law, Tina Knowles, out to lunch to meet up with Beyonce’s former Destiny’s Child groupmate.

Rowland just had a baby with husband Tim Witherspoon in November. Rowland brought along her nanny for the get together.

After the meal, Jay’s lovely ladies went jewelry shopping.

While Jay is in the news for closing restaurants, he’s also made some news closing a deal with Oakland boxer, Andre Ward. Jay’s sports agency, Roc Nation Sports Agency, signed the 30-year-old boxer. According to SF Gate, Ward has commented on it by saying, “Thank God.

Ward was just about to retire after being in a contract dispute with Gossen Promotions keeping him out of the ring since November 2013. And then Jay came along and did what he does, taking care of business.

Jay and his agency also represent NBA MVP Kevin Durant and the NFL’s Dez Bryant. Is anyone else surprised at how heavily Jay is involved in the sports industry, too?

It’s left quite a few people asking what can’t Jay Z do? He may claim to have 99 problems, but it looks like life is pretty sweet right now for Jay Z.

[Photo Courtesy of Joella Marana]