New York Snowstorm: Governor To Ban Travel As Blizzard Closes In

Weather forecasts in New York show a snowstorm approaching the northeast of the US could devastate the city and surrounding areas. In a report from the BBC, Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned New York residents against the dangers of leaving their home during the storm.

If you are in your car and you are on any road, town, village, city, it doesn’t matter, after 11 o’clock, you will technically be committing a crime. It could be a matter of life and death so caution is required.

Cuomo has banned all but emergency travel and residents seen on the road may be faced with a $300 fine.

A reporter for the BBC witnessed workers heeding the warnings and heading home early to avoid the blizzard, leaving public transport systems, such as the subway, closed. The Independent also reports that around 6,500 flights along the East Coast have been cancelled.

The snowstorm which is coming to New York as well as Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire has been named Winter Storm Juno and is expected to reach levels of around 25-inches with winds of up to 80 kph (55 mph). Around 60 million residents could be affected by the snow.

The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, believes that Winter Storm Juno could be, “one of the largest snowstorms in the history of the city.” The National Weather Service warns that the blizzard could bring “life-threatening” conditions with “crippling snowfall amounts.”

Mayor de Blasio posted on his Twitter feed yesterday encouraging people to leave work and head straight for home.

Many housebound residents have turned to social media with Twitter tags #blizzardof2015, #Snowmageddon2015 and #Snowpocalypse currently trending on the mirco-blogging site.

The Governor of Massachusetts is calling Juno a “top five historic storm.” Meteorologists estimate the snow will continue throughout the day, but that it will hopefully lessen as we head into Wednesday.

New York is no stranger to snowstorms. A report back in November, 2014 depicted a time-lapse video which showed the snow falling on the city over the course of 24-hours, with 10 inches falling at one location in Apalachin.

However, it wasn’t the biggest snowfall on record. Statistics from the Office of Emergency Management say that New York experienced more than 26-inches during a snowstorm back in February, 2006.