Mars Curiosity Rover Allegedly Discovers ‘Martian Robot’, Excites Alien Hunters

Mars Curiosity rover is an alien hunter’s dream come true, and this has been seen through the many reported discoveries and anomalies the rover has allegedly found since its landing in 2012. Although skeptics often see these “finds” as easy targets for debunking, this doesn’t discourage alien enthusiasts from tirelessly and painstakingly reviewing NASA images — pixel by pixel — for possible anomalies, all for the effort of trying to prove the existence of advanced civilizations on our neighboring planet.

A lot of these Curiosity rover “finds” made their way on the internet last week, and most of them are so far-fetched even Agent Mulder would cringe. This week, people have again been greeted by perhaps one of the most bizarre rover “discoveries” yet. A popular UFO YouTube channel called Mars Moon Space Photo Club recently released a video where they investigate a particular NASA image of a Martian landscape.

This seemingly innocent photo taken by the rover is hiding a dirty, little secret, implied the folks from the YouTube channel. Their video explains that a particular section of the photo may have captured an object resembling the head of a Martian robot.


As usual, you probably won’t see it without the aid of markers, conveniently provided by the same channel.



There you go! The mars robot in all its C-3PO-ness.

This, like many other purported discoveries of alien evidences by Mars Curiosity rover, is probably just the product of an intriguing psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. According to Live Science, pareidolia is a phenomenon “that causes some people to see or hear a vague or random image or sound as something significant.” This has explained many religion-related sightings that have been recorded in the past. And just like seeing the Virgin Mary on a half-eaten toast, locating robot heads or similar stuff on the rover pictures are probably just the eyes wanting to see what it wants to see.

Nevertheless, scientists aren’t closing their doors on the possibility of actually discovering life on Mars. It might not be as grand as the Martian robot head shown above, but there is enough evidence to hypothesize the actual existence of microbes on Mars. Curiosity rover recently detected a rise in the methane levels on the red planet, and according to scientists, this opens the possibility of a thriving microbial community underneath it’s surface.

NASA scientist Paul Mahaffy commented last year on the Mars Curiosity rover methane discovery, saying, “[And] we certainly should have an open mind. Maybe there are microbes on Mars cranking out methane, but we sure can’t say that with any certainty. It’s just speculation at this point.”

[Image from NASA]