WWE: Roman Reigns Was Fed Lines During His RAW Interview, Reports Claim

Roman Reigns may be witnessing the end of his career just 24 hours after what should have been his biggest night.

WWE booked Reigns to win the Royal Rumble 30-man battle royal Sunday night, but when he did, fans responded with boos so deafening the WWE had to address them on Monday's in-studio episode of Raw.

Roman sat down with Byron Saxton to discuss the crowd's reaction and the criticism that Reigns is not ready to main event at WrestleMania 31 or take the belt off a veteran and legitimate tough guy like Brock Lesnar.

Industry insiders have said this was the plan since shortly after WrestleMania 30, but as time passed, fans grew increasingly cold to the idea. They've even started comparing him to John Cena in unflattering ways, rejecting the idea of having him "shoved down our throats."

And unfortunately for Roman Reigns, those critics may have just gotten enough ammo to nuke his career once and for all.

What Reigns needed tonight was a great promo with strong characterization. He needed to put forth a persona fans could believe in, but if the latest reports are true, he may have forever damaged any chance of becoming a credible superstar.

According to David Bixenspan of Figure Four Weekly, Reigns' promo was being fed to him from someone off-camera, and if you handle the audio correctly, you can hear it. Bixenspan made the announcement via Twitter and the r/squaredcircle subreddit picked up that ball and ran with it.

Several of Bixenspan's followers also claimed they could hear it. I couldn't make out what was being said, but I could definitely hear someone else's voice starting at the 48-second mark on the video below.

Some reddit users broke out the high-tech equipment and took a shot at it as well. They were able to confirm voices but not the content of those voices.

"I recorded the audio of the video on Youtube with Audacity using the stereo mix setting. Then I amplified the parts in question and listened to them on my Beats. There is somebody talking for sure, but is really hard to distinguish what the voice was saying due to the distortion and background noise."

While it's not proof, it is one additional hurdle for Roman Reigns in the face of already blistering animosity -- the kind that single-handedly launched the #CancelWWENetwork Twitter trend and led to a potentially massive subscriber exodus.

In other words, it doesn't have to be true as reported to do more damage to a once-promising career that now appears to be circling the drain.

But what do you think, readers? Was Roman Reigns being fed his lines in the Raw promo? And is it time for WWE to pull the plug on him? Sound off in our comments section.