Disneyland Measles Outbreak Tops 100, New Cases Reported

A few weeks ago, Inquisitr reported on a measles outbreak that originated from Disneyland’s park in California. When the news broke out, 19 people fell ill with measles in the span of a month and all of them were visitors at Disney Parks in California.

According to SBS, the measles outbreak could have started when an infected person, most likely from out of the country, went to the Disneyland resort in Anaheim in December.

The measles outbreak has sparked a new debate over the anti-vaccination movement. Some individuals fear the possible side effects that come with being vaccinated, causing some parents to refuse their children to be vaccinated.

Homegrown measles was said to be eliminated from the U.S. in 2000. However, experts say that there are still cases of measles that were spread via travelers from other countries who infect U.S. residents who have not been vaccinated.

Measles, which is a virus that can be deadly, is airborne and can spread quickly, especially to children who have not been vaccinated. There is no treatment for the virus, but those infected are expected to recover from the illness within weeks. However, those who have low immunity and are malnourished can develop complications including ear infections, pneumonia, blindness, and encephalitis that can lead to death.

The Guardian reports that there are at least 100 cases of measles in the U.S., with most of the patients coming from California. Other states that reported measles cases include Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and Utah. On Friday, health officials said that one adult in Oakland County, Michigan has measles, signifying that the virus may be heading east from where it originated in California.

Reports say that most of the people who were infected were not vaccinated. The remaining people still contracted measles even after vaccination, which caused some to fear that their vaccinated children may get the illness.

Medical experts strongly push vaccination as the best way to be safe from measles, as they said it is 99 percent effective. They also stated that studies have already exposed that vaccinations don’t have a link to autism.

About 20 million people around the world are infected with measles every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), they only expect 220 cases of measles in the U.S., but the number of cases recorded last year was 644 – a number which is expected to be exceeded this year.

[Image via OU]