‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Episode 5 Takes Chris Soules, Ladies To New Mexico

Episode 5 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season comes up on February 2, and Chris Soules will finally get to do a bit of traveling. Viewers got a sneak peek at the next episode after Episode 4 and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers fill in some of the gaps. What can fans expect in this one?

Chris Soules and his remaining 11 ladies will head to New Mexico for the next round of dates. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Chris will have two one-on-one dates along with one group date. Carly Waddell will get her first solo date, and Britt Nilsson gets the other individual date.

Carly’s date is one that Soules had earlier referred to as one of the craziest of the season, as they’ll be going to see a “Love Doctor.” Soules previously shared via People that this date with Carly was one of the most hilarious, memorable and bizarre of the entire season.

As the Bachelor spoiler preview showed after Episode 4, Chris and Carly’s date most definitely gets crazy and quite racy. The two are seen getting quite frisky with one another and seemingly stripping down and spending some intimate time together. Fans will have to wait a bit yet, though, to see just how that comes to be and how far things go.

Chris and Britt will have a hot air balloon ride together, and it seems Nilsson will have to work on overcoming a fear of heights. Both Carly and Britt will get roses and stick around until episode 6.

The group date with the remaining women involves white water rafting. More Bachelor spoilers on this one should be coming out as the week continues, as there will surely be alone time and a group date rose on the line.

Reality Steve’s spoilers detailed earlier in the season that this is apparently the episode where a previously rejected bachlorette comes back looking for a second chance. Chris has already shown a willingness to give the ladies extra chances, but will he cave this time around as well?

Interestingly, the initial preview shown after Monday’s episode really gives no hint of a returning bachelorette. That may get teased in other previews closer to the air date of Episode 5, as Soules had revealed in an earlier interview that a gal does return during a group date cocktail party and Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicated that it happens in New Mexico.

The Bachelor spoiler preview also detailed that Kelsey Poe will be a central, and polarizing, figure in Episode 5. She is really rubbing some of the ladies the wrong way and that will definitely be the case in the February 2 episode. Kelsey wants Chris and she’s going to go after him.

Kelsey will track down Chris for some alone time, but it seems when it comes to the rose ceremony Chris takes a break and Kelsey panics. This is, it seems, finally the episode where she has a panic attack or something of that nature and ends up on the floor with a medic looking after her. Ultimately, however, it seems she will get a rose.

By the end of the episode it seems that two more ladies will be headed home, leaving the final nine for Season 19. Which ladies will be left without roses? It is looking like it’s probably Mackenzie Deonigi and Samantha Steffen who will be out of luck at this point, though more Bachelor spoilers should be out soon with specifics.

Stay tuned for more Bachelor spoilers as the week continues and Episode 5 draws near. Chris Soules says he’s in love and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that he’s engaged. Fans are loving this season and can’t wait to tune in every Monday to see the drama play out on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season.

[Image via ABC]