2015 Blizzard Power Outages: When Will Power Come Back On For National Grid Customers?

The Blizzard of 2015 is in full swing, with National Grid predicting that almost 400,000 customers will be without power during Winter Storm Juno. Just hours into the snowstorm, power outages are already being reported in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, prompting customers to ask, “When will the power come back on?”

Mass Live reports that many National Grid customers will not have their power restored for several days. Other customers may have to wait as long as a week for their electricity to come back on.

Massive snowfall totals are expected right through Tuesday night. Winds between 30 and 60 miles per hour have been gusting through many parts of New York City, Hartford, Providence, and Boston, causing lights to flicker in some areas and full outages in others. By late Monday night, hundreds of outages were shown on National Grid’s power outage map, with thousands more expected in the overnight hours as the winds pick up.

How quickly will power be restored once the lights go out? National Grid tweeted that 14,000 employees are “stepping into emergency response roles” to help address the outages caused by Winter Storm Juno. However, there is no set time for the power to come back on once there is an outage — the high winds and other storm-related factors may make it too dangerous for service to be reconnected immediately, so the wait time will vary.

If you do lose power during the blizzard, National Grid suggests that you turn off all appliances, but keep one light on so you will know when power is restored.

Report the outage online using your smartphone or tablet or by calling National Grid. Customers can also sign up for text alerts to get information on outages and service restoration on their mobile phones.

  • Call 1-800-465-1212 in New England and 1-800-867-5222 in New York.
  • Report power outages online to Outage Central.
  • Register for National Grid text alerts by texting STORM to NGRID (64743).

Still have Internet service on your smartphone or tablet? You can also check Outage Central to see how many customers have no power in your area, as well as a time estimate for restoration of service.

[Image: CT Post]