Scheana Shay Speaks Out About The End Of Her Friendship Kristen Doute: ‘I Just Can’t With Her Anymore’

Scheana Shay is done with her friendship with Kristen Doute. Following a dramatic new episode of Vanderpump Rules, in which Doute brought a woman claiming to have slept with Tom Sandoval to SUR Lounge, Shay has chosen to move on.

On Monday night, fans watched as Doute attempted to end Sandoval’s relationship with Ariana Madix by bringing Annemarie Kunkel to confront him while they were working. However, Sandoval and Madix are still together, and now, it’s Doute who’s looking like the bad guy in the eyes of her co-stars and boss, Lisa Vanderpump.

In her Bravo blog on January 26, Scheana Shay opened up about the end of their friendship.

“After we came back from Miami, I was filled in on how much of a passive-aggressive b***h Kristen was being to Ariana the entire trip. At the time, while in Miami, I didn’t pay attention, but since we’ve been back and my friends have filled me in, I think that was the point where I completely lost it with Kristen. It was like all of the anger inside of me towards her and what she was doing to my best friend finally exploded! She’s a loose cannon and unpredictable.”

During their trip to Miami, Doute treated Madix poorly, but because Madix wanted her friend, Scheana Shay, to have a great bachelor/bachelorette weekend, she kept her mouth shut. On the show, fans watched as Doute poked fun at Madix and slammed her relationship with Sandoval.

Once she saw how Doute behaved in Miami, she was unsure of whether she should keep her from her wedding to Mike Shay, which took place in July 2014, and will air next month on the show.

“I spoke to several people, including my mom and Lisa, on what to do about the wedding and Kristen. If she pulls this sh*t at SUR, what’s she going to pull at my wedding? I don’t trust her anymore, but I keep giving her more and more chances, because she’s been my longest friend at SUR, and that still means something to me. She has been there for me for years, stood up to Stassi for me, and I don’t forget those things.”

While Shay was on the fence about her wedding, she was sure about the end of her friendship with Doute, and the pair remain estranged.

“She’s just finally at the point where I just can’t with her anymore. I realized it would’ve been more of a headache to disinvite her from the wedding than to just let her still come. James is still my friend, and I wanted him at the wedding, so I just hoped she could keep it together for the sake of me.”

Although Shay had high hopes about her co-star’s behavior at her wedding, she recently revealed, via the Inquisitr, there was a fight at the ceremony.

“Every single person had their own issues that night,” she told Hollywood Life.

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