Winter Storm Juno: Last-Minute Ways To Prepare For The #Blizzardof2015

Winter Storm Juno is expected to hit the northeast in a big way. While everyone is calling it the #Blizzardof2015, the Weather Channel has given it the name Winter Storm Juno. No matter what it’s called, there’s no doubt that this huge blizzard has driven people by the thousands to grocery stores for last-minute food and supplies.

Most weather professional or meteorologists have been calling it a blizzard, nor’easter, or another meteorological term. But the Weather Channel is set on turning the #Blizzardof2015 into Winter Storm Juno. They’re also hoping to get the #Juno2015 hashtag trending on Twitter and other social media sites.

Winter Storm Juno will be a blizzard for the history books, according to the Daily Beast. The East Coast will be coated with up to two feet of snow, thanks to the blizzard, but the worst is yet to come on Tuesday and Wednesday. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio discussed Winter Storm Juno during the press the conference on Sunday.

“This could be the biggest snowstorm in the history of this city.”

The National Weather Service (NWS) have said that Juno is expected to be “potentially historic.” That means this winter storm is one for the record books, when it comes to feet and impact. It could bring some powerful winds, heavy snow, and icy conditions.

Newcomers and residents of New England have to be prepared for Juno. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has already declared a state of emergency. There are some ways that you can still prepare yourself last-minute for Winter Storm Juno.

Stock Up On Necessities

Start stocking up on all of the necessities that you need. You should have one gallon of water, per person per day. You should also have non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food such as macaroni and cheese and canned soup. Batteries and flashlights are also a must.

Install Your Delivery Apps

Don’t have food in the house? According to BostInno, some of Boston’s on-demand delivery companies will stay open during Winter Storm Juno. Pre-schedule an order so you’re stocked up and ready for when the storm arrives. Even with the travel ban in effect, it’s best to get your order in on Monday night, ahead of Tuesday’s terrible road conditions.

Charge All Mobile Devices

Start charging all of your mobile devices now. If Juno happens to cause a power outage, you want to keep yourself warm and occupied. Stock up on portable charges and read up on ways to keep your mobile devices charged during an outage.

Check In On Your Neighbors

Snowcrew is available in some areas, across the Northeast. It allows you to sign-in and request shoveling assistance or to provide assistance for folks who need it. You may want to do something good and shovel out one of your fellow neighbors.

These tips will help you prepare for Winter Storm Juno. Of course, you can also find some strange ways to prepare for the storm, especially if you’re bored during a possible power outage. You can always build a fort, help the homeless, cook leftovers and stow it away, or scoop up snow and eat it. This list from the New York Post will give you some fun and interesting strategies for preparing for Winter Storm Juno.

Juno is already creating chaos at airports, with cancellations in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Providence, according to a report on the Inquisitr. At least 3,200 flights have been cancelled, hours before the snow has begun to fall. Most major airlines have been allowing customers to rebook their flights with a penalty fee.

No matter what you do during Winter Storm Juno or the #Blizzardof2015, you should stay off the roads and stay warm. Residents across the East Coast have been told to stay indoors until Juno is out to sea. Residents should become a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

[Image by Aaron Ouellette]