The ‘Destiny’ Bugs Frustrating Crota’s End Raiders

Destiny is not one of the worst offenders when it comes to in-game bugs, but PlayStation and Xbox players have experienced more than their share. The release of Crota’s End Hard Mode last week has only accentuated the bugs experienced in the raid. The Destiny community has put together a list of glitches that you should keep an eye out for when taking on the latest raid.

Some of the Crota’s End raid bugs can be humorous. Having the big boss chase a fireteam into the lower levels of the final encounter or into the Crystal Room can lead to everyone dying but is also kind of funny. However, there are plenty of other bugs that can ruin the experience. Some of these I’ve experienced myself while others have been confirmed and are being tracked by the Destiny sub-Reddit.

The only slightly annoying and kind of funny bugs include the following.

  • Knights will walk through the barrier in the Crystal Room while summoning Crota
  • Crota will sometimes jump off the platform during the final fight and attack Guardians
  • Crota will sometimes chase the fireteam into the Crytsal Room

As mentioned before, those are kind of cute and can lead to some laughs as seen in the video below from YouTube user Zephyr.

These are the bugs that can completely ruin the experience though. Bungie has already removed the most common forms of exploits that prevent Destiny players from taking shortcuts. Hopefully, they will focus on fixing these issues next.

  • The sword dropped by the Swordbearer Knight disappears before it can be picked up. This appears to be caused by explosions from Cursed Thralls and possibly grenades or rockets, but the video below shows that it happens without explosions too.
  • The sword cannot be picked up.
  • The Swordbearer Knight will stop spawning
  • The Swordbearer Knight will not die even though he appears to have zero health
  • The Chalice of Light sometimes disappears
  • Crota’s shield will stop dropping when taking damage
  • Crota will stay standing despite taking his shield down and he will not take any damage from the sword
  • Crota will sometimes instantly go from kneeling to standing and attack

There are even some issues with the Ir Yut, Deathsinger encounter.

  • Deathsinger song will continue after she dies resulting in killing your entire fireteam being killed if there are only a couple of seconds left.
  • Killing Ir Yut does not result in any rewards

What kind of bugs have you experienced in Destiny‘s Crota’s End raid? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Destiny Wiki]