WWE News: Shocking Update On What WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Thinks Of Daniel Bryan

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan may seemingly get the shaft on WWE programming a lot, but does that technically mean that WWE and Vince McMahon himself do not care for him? It is actually the opposite. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves anything that makes him money. He is a business man after all, so as long as someone draws he is willing to give them a chance.

However, Daniel Bryan is not your normal WWE Superstar. Vince has a certain type of guy that he wants to push or use as the top guy, and Bryan fits various things needed to be the top guy. He can talk on the mic, he is a fantastic wrestler, and he is popular with fans. He simply does not have the size that WWE would like. Naturally, Vince loves pushing big guys. Even if they suck, WWE gives bigger talent an opportunity because Vince is a junkie for that type of thing. Why do you think Rusev hasn’t lost yet? It isn’t because fans love him.

When it comes to Bryan though, many think Vince is not a big fan, or isn’t sold on him at all. However, according to Daily Wrestling News that is completely opposite of how he feels. It is said that Vince is “completely sold” on Bryan and that he is “shocked” at how Bryan was able to keep the same popularity if not more when he came back after months away from TV.

Vince does not consider Bryan the face of the WWE, but he is very impressed with the bearded warrior.

It is being rumored that WWE did consider Bryan for the main event at WrestleMania 31, which would have forced a Royal Rumble win last night. However, they instead unwisely chose to eliminate Bryan 10 minutes into his run in the Rumble match. WWE is still concerned about him as far as his injury goes, which is probably the main reason he was not chosen to win last night. It was thought that he re-injured his arm when facing Kane on live events as well as when he faced Bray Wyatt on WWE Monday Night RAW last week.

This is not the case however, as many superstars backstage claim that Bryan has been sharp in the ring. He is still not 100 percent, but he is more than able to be back. He was cleared by his doctor and WWE officials to return, but that does not mean WWE has to push him to the moon. We know that at least Vince recognizes Bryan, and sees him as a valuable part of the company. However, will that result in Bryan getting a big WrestleMania match? We’ll have to wait and see on that.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]