Be Careful Who You Sleep With Ladies, Offspring Can Develop Features From Previous Sex Partners

For most family units, especially those of a traditional kind, having children is generally prioritized as important. With an average 3.5 million planned pregnancies happening each year, the Inquisitr understands that parents-to-be want to know the latest news pertaining on the topic.

Recently, researchers have found fish to be beneficial for pregnancies. The reason is because Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the development of the baby’s brain and heart. Pertaining to delivery, laughing gas might be used to help women power through labor. It is also considered to be a “middle ground” option for those who don’t want an epidural but still need assistance with pain. Not to mention, it is cheaper too.

The above are reports assisting those in the midst of their pregnancy or during the birthing stage. What about those who need inception of fertilization? Well, the most recent news on the topic might be debilitating, especially for women. A study now shows that a woman’s offspring might inherit traits of her previous sexual partners. That’s right ladies, your children might have developed features of your ex-boyfriends (or one night stands).

According to an article by CBS News, it reports that researchers in Australia found an effect in which seminal fluid molecules of a female’s previous mates to be absorbed into her immature egg. This will influence the growth of the female’s future offspring even if a different male is the father. Angela Crean, study author of the University of New South Wales in Australia, made a statement on this monumental find.

“Our discovery complicates our entire view of how variation is transmitted across generations, but also opens up exciting new possibilities and avenues of research. Just as we think we have things figured out, nature throws us a curve ball and shows us how much we still have to learn.”

Historically, the concept of non-genetic inheritance dates back to ancient Greek times, a theory known as telegony. However, telegony was discredited in the early 20th century because it was deemed incompatible with the science of genetics.

It should be reported that even though research shows a female’s past sexual partners may influence the female’s future offspring in addition to the true biological father, it was conducted on flies. According to Daily Mail, flies were used as test subjects in which the researchers found the size of young flies were determined by the size of the first male the mother mated with over the second male that fathered the offspring. Because the research was done on flies, the telegony concept is only theorized for humans.

However, telegony in humans is possible given the fact that the science of conception between flies and humans are practically the same. With that in mind, what are your views on the matter? Does the possibility that children may inherit traits of a woman’s past lovers seem interesting or upsetting?

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