Chris Soules Engaged To Becca Tilley? Reality Steve May Be Wrong About Whitney Bischoff

Chris Soules is rumored to be engaged, but Reality Steve’s spoilers about the Bachelor’s final pick may be wrong. Weeks before the season premiere aired, blogger Steve Carbone revealed that Chris gave the final rose to Whitney Bischoff, but many fans seem to doubt his spoilers this season — especially because he is giving out very few details about the weekly dates and rose ceremonies.

Becca Tilley, Whitney Bischoff, and Kaitlyn Bristowe are rumored to be the three girls who Chris picks to for the overnight dates. According to WetPaint, the Fantasy Suite date episode was filmed in Bali, and Kaitlyn was sent home without a rose. Becca and Whitney then traveled to Iowa with Chris for the final rose ceremony.

Four weeks into the show, Reality Steve is still confident that Chris Soules is engaged to Whitney Bischoff. While this photo of Chris and Whitney seems to confirm that his spoilers are true, many fans think that his sources are weak and he’s making a wild guess. Could it be that Becca Tilley, the one girl who has been turning down Chris’ kisses, is soon to be Mrs. Soules?

Reality Steve has admitted that he doesn’t know much about this season of the Bachelor, making it hard for fans to believe that he has the ending correct. He is not giving any information about the one-on-one dates, group dates, or final rose ceremonies other than basic information about each episode that is released by ABC. Apparently, he is guessing how things go right along with the rest of us.

“No, I do not have your episode-by-episode spoilers this season. Last week I guessed which five went home last night and got 4 of the 5. Not bad… I’m telling you, this is kinda fun this season figuring this stuff out later on in the game.”

Although Steve may end up being right about who Chris Soules picks, readers have lost confidence in his ability to provide weekly spoilers. How can he be so confident about the ending when he seems to know very little about what happens in all the episodes leading up to the season finale?

For now, fans will have to wait and see how things turn out when Chris Soules hands out his final rose on The Bachelor in early March. What we do know is that Chris is in love (he confessed on Live with Kelly & Michael), so at the very least, there will be a happy ending to a season that is chock full of crazy girls.

[Images: ABC]