Boy Shows Off His Shadow Boxing Skills, Footage Goes Viral

Shadow boxing.

A style of fighting that is usually practiced in private — but never really shown publicly.

Professional boxers, MMA, and Muay Thai fighters might use shadow boxing to warm-up or even practice maneuvers and combinations that they will use in the ring.

Boxing fans might even start shadow boxing while they are watching their favorite boxers go head-to-head in an intense match.

However, there are not very many people that tape themselves shadow boxing — or even practicing their own taunts that they might use in a real fight on camera.

The little guy in this viral video did just that. Wearing large eyeglasses that he could barely keep on his face during his “fight” without adjusting them, the scrawny boy seems to go through a number of different combinations, impressive moves and taunts directly in front of the camera.

It is apparently clear that he is in no condition to fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. anytime soon. Based on looks alone, this scrawny boy might even bite off more than he could chew going head-to-head against his own schoolyard bully.

However, what he lacks in ability, this “shadow boxing master” clearly makes up for in heart and determination.

Since it was first posted on World Star Hip-Hop Saturday, the video of this little man showing off his shadow boxing skills has been viewed more than 730,000 times and shared more than 7,000 times. Perhaps it’s because we all love to remember the little shadow boxer inside us all.

What do you think?

[Image Credit: World Star Hip Hop]