BBC News’ New ‘Taster’ Lets Users Vote On, Or Upload, Trends, Ideas [Videos]

The BBC News media giant in London is inviting readers to do something new and completely different called “Taster.” BBC News created this online program as a way to appeal to the person that likes following trends — and thinks they might have a solid opinion on what good taste is. This invites opinionated people, as well as creative people, looking for a mass of new ideas as a way to stoke their own creative fire. In other words, no matter who you are, BBC News now has a way for you to vote on the latest ideas (and submit your own ideas for voting).

Mashable reports the “Taster” program from BBC News is, “a new platform that’s designed to showcase early concepts from across TV, radio and online.” Furthermore, the results from the feedback and voting will be used by BBC News and their production team to “take more creative risks online, try their ideas out and put them in the hands of audiences.”

The Next Web describes “Taster” as “a new initiative that [BBC News] hopes will help to showcase new digital talent across its platforms.”

Released in January, the concept behind this new BBC News program is that you visit their webpage for the “Taster” program, and get to vote on the latest ideas, creative media, and inventions. A clearer explanation about how the new “Taster” page works was presented in a BBC News video on YouTube.

Transcribing from the video, the BBC News “Taster” trailer hints at voting or polling and says that it is the visitors’ “chance to sample the latest experimental ideas and see which ones you enjoy the most.”

The BBC News trailer goes on to explain that the feature, “contains interactive mashups to stories that go deeper.” BBC News promises that you can control what you see and do and that, “all features are fresh and new.” It is at this point that the BBC News “Taster” webpage warns potential viewers that some of the features may be, “a bit ahead of their time.”

The BBC News video for “Taster” goes on to discuss how some new ideas thrive while others bite the dust. In addition to voting for other new material, you can also put out your own new idea, invention, song, story, or product to get voted on. The video ends with the suggestion, “Who knows? You could be the one to spot the next big thing.”

The tag line for BBC News “Taster” is, “Something new is starting, and it starts with you.” On the BBC News webpage discussing the new “Taster” concept, they state, “New content will be added regularly into ‘Taster’ as a result of new collaborations, projects and ideas. Please see below for more information on all the content we are trialing at launch and check back soon to see what’s new.”

Some current highlights include an online BBC iPlayer Shuffle, an interactive Lena Dunham and Jennifer Saunders interview, exclusive celebrity gossip, photos and videos, exclusive and interactive material from rap group, Run the Jewels, as well as new comedy material from KneeJerk.

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