Mark Ronson’s Collab With Bruno Mars Earns UK Chart Double

Mark Ronson’s catchy throwback to the birth of funk and soul, “Uptown Funk,” is dominating the airwaves in 2015 thanks to the track’s expert production and featured artist Bruno Mars. As reported by BBC News, Mark Ronson earned a chart double in the U.K., as his album Uptown Special and its first single topped the single and album charts.

Though not his first full-length album, Uptown Special has thus far been the most successful production of Ronson’s career. After spending a good part of his childhood with Foreigner’s founder Mick Jones, Ronson came to appreciate music production and released three solo albums before seemingly hitting it big with his latest release.

Featuring Bruno Mars and known legends like Stevie Wonder, the tracks on Uptown Special are skyrocketing Ronson’s career to the top of the charts – literally. In an interview with the New York Times, Ronson likens his newfound fame to a twist of cosmic fate.

“Everything about how this is going is incredibly exciting but feels like it’s happening kind of in a bizarre universe.”

But Ronson’s notoriety is very much part of this world, as his collaboration with Bruno Mars has resulted in a complete takeover of 2015’s musical landscape thus far. After teaming up with producer Jeff Bhasker, who has an impressive list of former clients that includes Jay Z and Taylor Swift, Mark Ronson found a new beat and simply needed to find outstanding vocals for “Uptown Funk.”

During his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ronson discussed the creation of “Uptown Funk” and the milestones he faced during the process. Although Ronson knew Bruno Mars was the perfect choice, Mars had a full schedule of traveling with which to contend. After learning long ago not to give up on his goals, Ronson recorded the song with Bruno Mars over time, as he would fly to wherever Mars was appearing.

All the hard work appears to have paid off for Ronson who, as the Inquisitr reported in December, helped push Taylor Swift out of the #1 spot with Bruno Mars’ spunky contribution to “Uptown Funk.” Beginning his early days as a DJ in New York, Mark Ronson gets a thrill when music inspires people to dance and have fun.

“I am a D.J. doing service to other D.J.s,” Ronson told The New York Times.

Ronson, who announced plans to work with Bruno Mars on future productions, is both surprised and delighted at the welcome reception his fourth album is receiving in the U.S. and U.K.