Kristiana Coignard: 'Anonymous' Hacker Group Threatens Revenge For Teen Girl Slain By Cops

Jonathan Vankin

The heartbreaking case of Kristiana Coignard, a 17-year-old girl gunned down by Longview, Texas, police officers in the lobby of their own police station last Thursday, has drawn the attention of the online hacker collective "Anonymous," which threatened retaliation Saturday against the police and the city of Longview over the girl's death by police gunfire.

The Inquisitr on Sunday reported the tragic but equally mysterious story of the Kristiana Coignard killing, which took place after the teen walked into the Longview police station lobby in the early evening and used a courtesy phone, requesting to speak with an officer.

"When Officers arrived they were confronted by a white female who threatened them," according to the Longview Police Facebook page. "The suspect brandished a weapon, made threatening movements toward the officers and was shot."

Kristiana Coignard was reportedly shot "multiple times," with three officers involved. She was transported to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead. But police have not released any video or audio of the incident though they have acknowledged that such evidence exists.

Nor have they confirmed what sort of "weapon" Kristiana Coignard "brandished," or why three police officers were unable to disarm or subdue a lone teenage girl without use of lethal force.

But as early as Saturday, a YouTube account claiming to be affiliated with the "hacktivist" group Anonymous — which has previously inserted itself into numerous cases of police shootings, including the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, last year — posted a video threatening some sort of retaliation against the Longview police.

"We ask you Longview police department are you happy with the choice of how the actions taken be your officer? We ask you what kind of people you hire as a police officer that can't take a knife from a small 17 year old girl?" the group wrote on the AnonSec 101 YouTube page. "We ask you why are your officer's carrying tazors (sic) if they will only reach for their guns first? A firefighter will endanger their life and enter a burning building for the POSSIBILITY of saving a life, a lifeguard will risk drowning, for the possibility to save a life. A COP, will kill you OR a 10 year old child because you POSSIBLY could have caused them harm."

On the page, the group claimed to have already attacked the municipal website for the city of Longview.

"Trust us when we say we wouldn't have made this video if we knew the op wouldn't be a success, we did make our statement, the site was down last night then the attack halted, then earlier today we started the attack again, it lasted awhile, then they finally decided to patch their security, lulz."

There was no confirmation available that the Longview city site had, in fact, been disabled, even temporarily. A Texas Rangers investigation of the Kristiana Coignard killing is ongoing. The Anonymous video may be viewed above.