Madonna Helps Detroit As She Prepares For ‘Rebel Heart’ World Tour

Madonna’s many good deeds usually go unnoticed, but that shouldn’t matter to Detroit — a town she has helped out by donating money for various educational and recreational activities. This weekend, Madonna took to Twitter to recruit others to help move the Detroit Achievement Academy. According to Michigan Live, Madonna is trying to raise $150,000 by February 15.

“The Detroit Achievement Academy, according to its website, needs to raise about $150,000 by Feb. 15th so it can move 1.5 miles from its current location into a new building this summer. The school, currently located at 15000 Southfield Rd., already has 65 students and plans to add one grade level each year once it moves. Donations for the purchase of the Detroit Achievement Academy’s new building can be made at its website.”

Detroit, Madonna’s hometown, has been ravished by the economy. However, it is starting to turn around. Perhaps Madonna will help the town’s economy even more by bringing her upcoming tour, possibly named after her upcoming album Rebel Heart, to Detroit. MadonnaTribe, which always has accurate inside information about Madonna’s upcoming projects, recently talked about the Queen of Pop’s touring plans.

“And while here at MadonnaTribe we have just hints of what seem to be some changes in the live band, an exciting thing we heard is the new tour is being shaped up as an arena show. Yes, you here it first – after playing mostly stadium and big venues during her most recent live concerts Madonna is set to return to the more intimate settings of the arenas for her upcoming show!”

Madonna performs.

This could be a good move for Madonna. Even though her last tour grossed a lot of money, several of the stadium and open park dates received mixed reviews. Dean Piper from the Mirror talked about how Madonna’s Hyde Park show suffered from things that had nothing to do with Madonna herself.

“Hyde Park as a venue was the pits. The sound was low, the crowd was dull, the atmosphere sucked and I couldn’t get into the gig apart from a handful of moments.”

Once Madonna started doing arenas in the United States in September of 2012, most of the reviews were very positive. John Pareles from the New York Times summarized what many fans thought of Madonna’s MDNA Tour.

“The details have always mattered to Madonna, and in this new extravaganza they add up. The effort is visible, but so is the delirious impulse behind it.”

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[Photo Credits: Madonna Serbia and Billboard]